Overview of Sustainability & Environment research topics for a thesis

Find sustainability and environment research topics for your thesis in themes such as ecological conservation, climate change mitigation, sustainable practices, environmental policy, renewable energy, and much more! Begin your thesis journey towards a greener future here.

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  • Spring 2025

Sustainability & Environment


sustainability goals


Enhancing Environmental Sustainability in the Aviation Industry

Strategies for Achieving Carbon Neutrality in the European Union

The European Union has set stringent targets for achieving carbon neutrality, and the aviation industry faces a significant challenge in meeting these goals. Traditional aircraft are not inherently environmentally friendly, and innovative measures are required to reduce their carbon footprint. This project proposal aims to explore and evaluate potential strategies to enhance the environmental sustainability of the aviation industry within the European Union. The primary focus would be on adoptin...

1 x BEng of Electrical & Automation Engineering

  • University of Copenhagen
  • Master of Science
  • Fall 2023
University of Copenhagen

Sustainability & Environment

Human-Wildlife conflict

Collaborative nature management

Negotiation design

Conflict analysis

Conservation of wildlife

Mitigating Human-Wildlife Conflict through Conflict Analysis and Negotiation Design

Finding Balance in Nature: Conflict Analysis and Negotiation Design for Collaborative Human-Wildlife Management

Human-wildlife conflicts have been of particular interest to environmental organizations given their frequency and intensity around the world. From tigers in Nepal to polar bears in Greenland, local communities have negatively influenced the density and abundance of important wildlife species through poaching and habitat destruction. This research aims to smooth human-wildlife conflict through the Unified Framework for Negotiation (UNF). Identifying and analyzing aspects that currently influence...

1 x MSc in Sustainable Forest and Nature Management

  • University of Southern Denmark
  • Master of Science
  • Fall 2023
University of Southern Denmark

Sustainability & Environment

climate change



danish market

How climate change has affected/will be affecting the strategies in the danish market

the point is to analyze how climate change and related awareness of this issue has changed/is changing or will change the managerial and/or marketing strategies of Danish companies

I would like to investigate how the company is trying to present its products/services to customers so as to raise awareness about this issue (as corporate social resposibility) in order to make more sustainable choices, avoiding eposodes of greenwashing. I would like to investigate what are the focal points nowadays when making managerial or marketing choices and understand what ideas and goals are expected for the future. I would also like to understand how the company tries to showcase i...

1 x MSc in Economics and Business Administration (International Business and Marketing)

  • Aalborg University
  • Master
  • Spring 2023
Aalborg University

Sustainability & Environment

Digital Technology


Circular Econcomy

Wate Mangement

Communcation & colloboration

Roles of digital technology in enabling circular economy for electronic waste management

Roles of digital technology in enabling circular economy for electronic waste management

1. Abstract Technology development lead to a better life for the people, however, in the linear setting of the business model, it created significant environmental issues such as global warming, climate change, and waste generation. E-waste is getting increase by passing each day due to several factors like the advancement of modern technology which lead to the high demand of people to replace the old and use new electronic devices with a shorter life span and lack of effective disposal methods....

  • Copenhagen Business School
  • Master
  • Spring 2022
Copenhagen Business School

Sustainability & Environment

sustainable business

sustainable transformation

strategic management

international strategic implementation


Modeling the green transformation

An investigation of Danish companies' sustainability strategy and implementation in Asia

Ørsted's green transformation has been recognized as proven success in transforming its products and services from NOG to renewable. With the EU’s SDG forces and the Danish government’s support socially and financially, Ørsted managed to maintain its legitimacy during the transformation. Their success has inspired more companies in energy sectors to pursue sustainable transformation more aggressively including CIP, Vesta, Ranboll..etc. This research intends to investiga...

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