“To give all students equal opportunity
and the best possible foundation to follow their passion and realize their dreams”


“To be the bridge between universities
and the industries by enabling students and companies to form early invaluable relations” 


To be the default platform 50% of students in Scandinavia use to connect to the industries in 2027


I, Kaspar (Founder of Excelerate), have always been a tech guy.

All the way back in 2006, when I started as a flash developer I was all consumed by tech. That changed in 2017 when I started working for a digital agency in London that focused on neuroscience and all things human.

I realized that tech was just the change agent, and it was actually people – real humans – that I loved creating solutions for and with. I knew my startup should have people at the center.

One day I had a conversation with an old friend of mine: Jonas had graduated four years ago from the University of Copenhagen, with a Candidate degree in Political Science.

Unfortunately, like many other passionate students, he did not get a job straight after graduation. His dream was to work in a ministry – he wanted to make a difference, change the world, and all that.

After three months he was still in relatively high spirits, but those three months turned into a year. He had to face the hard reality. He had to put his dream career on pause and look for a job outside of his field.

We were catching up about how he was doing and so… Jonas has been working in a digital agency for some time, in the marketing department. He likes his job, he is not excited, but he gets by.

His story really struck something inside me. Seeing someone spend five years on their education, doing well at university, and then not being able to fulfil their ambitions. Seeing talent go to waste – that hurts.
I realised that that was it! That was my ‘Why’. I cannot stand seeing talent go to waste.

So I bribed 100 students with chocolate and coffee to spend some time talking to me and it turned out that there is a huge desire among the students to connect with the industry during their education.

95% of the students want to finish their education by writing a thesis with a company, however, only about 20% have some sort of connection to the industry during their thesis. Fast forward ½ a year: The Excelerate platform was born.

Read more about my thoughts behind Excelerate and the passion for thesis collaborations between students and companies. I believe that by creating a platform for thesis collaboration matching, I can make a difference for students and their futures.

Kaspar Hansen
Founder & CEO


Karoline Denning
PR and Onboarding

Karoline, our part-time PR & Onboarding talent, is a content creator at Excelerate. She is responsible for the Excelerate Blog, content activities and onboarding.

Besides work she is studying a Bachelor’s degree in Danish at Copenhagen University. When Karoline is not at uni or work, you will find her out and about drinking coffee or beer with friends or, if the social battery is empty, on the couch with a good book or series. Karoline also likes to nerd commas and gramma.

Caroline Køhler
Marketing Manager

Caroline is our student Marketing Manager who helps plan, execute, and evaluate all our marketing efforts. Alongside work, Caroline is completing her master’s degree in marketing and communication at CBS.

Caroline loves football. When she is not injured, she plays herself, but otherwise you can find her at Telia Parken on Sundays. The rest of Caroline’s calendar is spent enjoying time with friends, which most likely will involve some kind of game or competition.

Alexander Christrup
Co-Founder & CMO

Alexander, Co-founder & CMO, is the one responsible for all marketing activities of Excelerate. He has an extensive background within the digital marketing sphere from working as a digital marketing freelancer, as a SEO consultant in various marketing agencies as well as his time as co-founder in a former startup.

When Alexander is not busy working, you will most likely find him doing something active outdoors – whether it is sports or hiking. If that is not the case, you will probably find him on a local bar in Copenhagen spending time with his friends playing games and drinking beer.

Nicolas Trebbien-Nielsen
Co-Founder & CCO

Nicolas, Co-founder & CCO, is responsible of all legal and comercial matters in Excelerate. Before joining Excelerate, Nicolas has 10+ exeprience from working with law and tech in large tech firms as well as one of Denmark’s largest law firms.

Nicolas loves traveling and football. After your first meeting with him, you’ll most likely know which Danish team he supports and where in the world he has traveled.

Kaspar Hansen
Founder & CEO

Kaspar is the CEO & Founder of Excelerate. Kaspar founded the company back in 2020 with the purpose of helping as many students as possible find their way into the jobmarket in the best possible way.

Kaspar loves when tech and humans meet. And he hates when talent goes to waste. A good way to impress this is through his famous quote: “wasted talent kills my vibe”.

Mads Pedersen
Student Ambassador at ITU

Mads is our Student Ambassador at the IT University of Copenhagen. Besides work, he is a student at ITU in Copenhagen studying a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Design and Interactive Technologies.

In his spare time, he is doing his hobby photography and walks around with his beloved camera. Otherwise, he is spending time in the gym, with his friends and family, or relaxing on the couch watching football or a good series.

Ragnar Jónsson
Student Ambassador at DTU

Ragnar is our Student Ambassador at the Technical University of Denmark. Ragnar is a DTU student in Lyngby where he studies a Bachelor’s in General Engineering – Cyber Systems.

After touring the world as a musician and working in sales, he was ready for a key change. The sight was set on tech and IT. Now enrolled at DTU, Ragnar’s main inspiration is working towards the tech solutions of tomorrow.

Abhiram Athrey
Student Ambassador at AAU

Abhiram is our Student Ambassador at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. Besides work, Abhiram is a student at AAU in Copenhagen pursuing a Master’s degree in Cyber Security.

If he’s not learning to hack something, you may find him drinking with friends in Copenhagen. He loves cricket and football, but you will never find him playing himself. However, he plays badminton or bakes cakes and cookies during the weekends.


Tina Mose
Advisory Board Member

Tina has +15 years of experience working with People & Organization in both large corporations and scaleups.

With a “can-do” attitude and a business-savvy mindset, she loves developing new ideas and services, especially when making a real impact!

When she is not working you can find her in the sun reading a book or swimming in the harbour with her family.

Tina joined Excelerate because she believes in helping passionate students to follow their dreams.

Jacob Holst Mouritzen
Advisory Board Member

Co-founder of a influencer platform and a Copenhagen-based management consultancy, and an active strategy consultant, Jacob has a strategic mindset with a creative heart.

He stems from the world of marketing and branding and is an expert in growth strategy.

Furthermore, Jacob is a firm believer in evidence-based marketing and uses these practices to help clients determine the best path to growth.

Adrian Webb
Advisory Board Member

Adrian has served for 30 years in senior communications, marketing, and board director roles for UK financial services companies including Direct Line, Virgin, esure, and Gocompare.

Adrian has invested in and advised a wide range of technology companies active in the arts, health, and sport. He has also served as Chairman of the London marketing group, LAB for three years.

Adrian is passionate about mentoring and has played guitar in jazz bands for 20 years. He composed and recorded a track to help people sleep that now has 220,000 plays on Spotify.

Bodil Biering
Advisory Board Member

Bodil helps leaders and tech startups & scaleups unlock their potential through “Simplexity” coaching and consulting. Her passion for creative problem solving led her to a PhD in abstract mathematics and computer science.

She is also a certified Professional Integral Coach™ and in her work, she combines two worlds: the technical, rational, and scientific with the human-oriented, caring, and inclusive.

Bodil likes the synergies in combining different worlds and that’s why she believes in the Excelerate project – creating synergy between passionate students and future potential employers.

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The existence of Excelerate is based on 3 of the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals. It is these goals that act as guidelines for Excelerate’s daily activities, our development in general, and the direction we are aiming for.

Quality education

Excelerate is a platform that helps students to complete their education with a strong thesis project. Through Excelerate students freely get access to professional sparring from companies within their particular field of study. This provides a breeding ground for feedback and new insights as a way to finish off their degree in the best possible way.

Gender equality

All students have equal opportunities no matter their gender on Excelerate. Regardless of whether you are male, female, or someone in between. The matching process depends solely on a student’s competencies and personality traits.

Reduce inequalities

At Excelerate, we reduce inequalities in recruitment and project collaborations. A student’s gender, ethnicity, age, religion, and similar factors are anonymised. The matching process at Excelerate is bias-free and depends solely on a talent’s information about their competencies and personality traits and/or project proposal.