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Explore good ideas and examples of thesis topics in 24 different research areas and themes. All thesis topics examples and ideas are created by students to find a Bachelor or Master thesis collaboration through Excelerate.

Ready to kickstart your thesis writing? Follow our guide on how to choose a thesis topic or find tips on choosing the perfect topic for your thesis.

32 IT & Computer Science

Interested in the digital era of endless innovation and opportunities? Explore information technology & computer science research topics that develop algorithms, secure systems, craft user-friendly interfaces, and much more.

IT & Computer Science research topics

18 Business & Economics

Interested in the world of business and economics, understanding what fosters and drive organizational triumphs? Explore business and economic research topics examining sustainable strategies to fuel growth and success.

Business & Economics research topics

17 Engineering & Technology

Interested in machines, algorithms, and structures that shape industries, societies, and our lives? Browse engineering and technology research topics that merge design, creativity, and innovation toward a smarter future.

Engineering & Technology research topics

12 Management & Leadership

Interested in human interactions, what drives change, and how to lead with impact? Explore management and leadership research topics examining how to elevate organizations through effective and impactful strategies and techniques.

Management & Leadership research topics

7 Finance & Accounting

Curious about finance and accounting, analyzing the fusion of money and informed decision-making? Explore financial research topics examining strategies to fuel economic stability and growth.

Finance & Accounting research topics

7 Sustainability & Environment

Interested in environmental dynamics and safeguarding our Planet? Explore research topics in environment, sustainability, and climate seeking to tackle climate change, cultivate sustainable practices, and craft greener, healthier solutions.

Sustainability & Environment research topics

7 Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Interested in the entrepreneurial landscape, from visionary ideas to disruptive technologies? Explore entrepreneurship and innovation research topics that ignite novelty and innovation, propelling industries into the future.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation research topics

5 Marketing, Communication & Media

Interested in the world of marketing, captivating consumers through messages that resonate and engage people? Explore marketing, communications, and media research topics delving into the art of persuasion and consumer behavior.

Marketing, Communication & Media research topics

4 Sociology

Interested in human interactions and societal frameworks? Explore sociology research topics examining the complexity of interactions and societal dynamics, uncovering the basis of our actions.

Sociology research topics

2 Chemistry

Interested in our universe's building blocks, unlocking the secrets of chemical compositions and reactions? Explore chemistry research topics that delve into the world of atoms and molecules.

Chemistry research topics

2 Political Science

Interested in discovering the dynamics of power, policies, and global relations? Explore political science research topics breaking down ideologies that shape societies and nations.

Political Science research topics

2 Tourism & Hospitality

Interested in the world of travel and leisure, culture, and top-tier hospitality? Explore tourism and hospitality research topics examining the art of crafting immersive experiences and adventures for people.

Tourism & Hospitality research topics

1 Law

Want to dive into the world of legal frameworks, unraveling the principles that shape societies and uphold justice? Explore research topics in law, understanding its pivotal role in society.

Law research topics

1 Psychology

Interested in the depths and complexities of the human mind that shape our behaviors? Explore psychology research topics that seek to investigate and decode the drivers of our actions.

Psychology research topics

1 Mathematics & Statistics

Interested in the language of numbers, equations, and probabilities? Explore mathematical and statistical research topics digging into real-world puzzles that unravel complex data, patterns, and problems.

Mathematics & Statistics research topics

1 Medicine & Health

Interested in the complexities of human well-being, from cellular mechanisms to healthcare systems? Explore medicine and health research topics delving into solutions for healthier societies.

Medicine & Health research topics

1 Biology

Interested in the complexities of the living world, from genes to ecosystems? Explore biology research topics that seek to enrich our understanding of medicine, conservation, and of life itself.

Biology research topics

0 History

Interested in the intricacies of human evolution and understanding the roots of our modern world? Explore history research topics that delve deep into the events that shaped our civilization.

History research topics

0 Religion & Theology

Interested in how the realm of faith impacts societies and individuals? Explore religion and theology research topics that seek to understand faith, examining its influence on cultures and minds.

Religion & Theology research topics

0 Art & Literature

Interested in artistic creations and literary masterpieces, revealing the essence of human imagination and creativity? Explore art and literature research topics examining artistic landscapes and the messages behind them.

Art & Literature research topics

0 Philosophy & Ethics

Want to dig deeper into the nature of existence, morality, and knowledge? Explore philosophy and ethics research topics that guide societies and shape ethical paradigms for humanity.

Philosophy & Ethics research topics

0 Education & Learning

Interested in shaping minds through innovative learning journeys? Explore education and learning research topics examining educational landscapes, curricula, and technologies fostering cognitive growth and curiosity.

Education & Learning research topics

0 Astronomy

Interesting in delving into the celestial mysteries, from stars and galaxies to the universe's grand narrative? Explore astronomy research topics on an astronomical journey to understand our universe's origin and evolution.

Astronomy research topics

0 Tax

Curious about the world of taxation, shaping financial strategies, compliance, and legal frameworks? Explore tax research topics that craft strategies, ensure compliance, and dive into the rules and nuances of taxation.

Tax research topics

How to choose a good thesis topic

Choosing a thesis topic is a difficult but essential step on your thesis journey. Your choice of topic not only determines the direction of your research but is also what needs to keep you motivated and satisfied throughout your thesis writing process.

To help you choose a good topic for your Bachelor’s or Master’s, here is our step-by-step guide on choosing a good thesis topic.

How to choose a good thesis topic - 5 essential steps

Step 1: Reflect and identify your research interests

At the beginning of your thesis journey reflect upon your research interests and personal passions.

What interesting research topics and subjects have consistently fascinated you throughout your studies? Think about your courses, readings, previous projects, and research papers that have inspired and sparked your curiosity in the past.

Use online thesis topic databases like to search for interesting topics created by other students and researchers. This way you explore new perspectives and ideas for your thesis project.

Remember, you’ll be spending a huge amount of time investigating and delving deep into your topic. It’s important that your topic genuinely excites you to keep you motivated while writing your thesis.


Step 2: Explore the current research landscape of your interest

Once you’ve identified your research topic interests, conduct a thorough literature review in your chosen research field.

Familiarise yourself with the existing research, ongoing debates and discussions, and potential gaps in the current knowledge. Look at recent publications, research paper topics, and emerging trends in the field.

This approach will not only help you gain a deeper understanding but also identify potential research questions or areas that require further exploration. Perhaps a thesis topic you could dig deeper into in your project?


Step 3: Consult with your academic supervisors and peers

By now you hopefully have a rough idea of the direction your thesis project is going. Discuss your research ideas and initial thoughts with your academic supervisor, professors, and fellow students to receive constructive feedback.

You shouldn’t hesitate to ask your academic advisors and peers for suggestions and recommendations. Their research expertise and knowledge can give you valuable insights to help you get started with your thesis.


Step 4: Define the research goals and objectives for your thesis

It’s time to clearly outline your project’s research goals and objectives. What are the specific questions you want to answer? What is the scope of your thesis? It’s essential that you are realistic about the resources and time available for your research.

You only have 6 to 12 months to write your thesis. Ensure that your thesis topic is not too broad or too narrow. Try to strike a balance that allows you for in-depth analysis within the scope of your research.


Step 5: Consider the practicality and feasibility of your thesis topic

At this point in the process, it’s time to assess the practicality and feasibility of your chosen thesis topic.

Are the necessary resources and data available to you? Do you for example have access to libraries, databases, laboratory equipment, search materials, and archives? Consider also your methodology for collecting the data. Will you need to conduct surveys, interviews, experiments, or collect historical data?

Data collection is time-consuming. It’s crucial that you have a clear plan for your data collection so you realistically obtain the data you need within the time frame of your thesis project.


Step 6: Get your thesis topic approved and begin writing

That’s the way to go! You’re now at the final step of choosing the best thesis topic for your project.

All you have to do now is consult with your thesis supervisor to make any final adjustments and get your thesis topic approved.

We wish you the best of luck with your thesis writing. We root for you!

How to find the best topic for your thesis

What is the best topic for your thesis? That depends on your interests, passions, and future goals. Here are questions to consider and tips on finding the best thesis topic.


 1. Your topic should align with your personal interests

The best topic for your thesis aligns with your personal interests and passions. Pursuing research on a topic that genuinely intrigues you will keep you motivated throughout your thesis writing and lead to a more meaningful project. Think about what excites you within your field and explore research questions that pique your curiosity.


2. Your topic should be relevant and contribute to your research field

The best thesis topic is relevant to your field of study. Your research topic should address a specific issue or contribute to a broader conversation within your discipline. Pick a topic that is meaningful and has the potential to advance knowledge, challenge existing theories, or offer practical solutions to real-world problems. Think about how your research can fill a gap in current knowledge.


3. Your topic should align with your academic and career goals

The best research topic for your thesis is aligned with your future academic and/or career goals. Ask yourself: What are your short-term and long-term goals and aspirations? Your thesis project provides you with invaluable experience and expertise in your chosen research field and industry. The best topic for you is used as a stepping stone towards your future endeavours and career.


10 questions to consider to find the best thesis topic

  • What are my key interests – both personally and academically?
  • What are the areas my personal passions and academic discipline overlap?
  • What courses excited me the most during my studies?
  • What theories and concepts did I enjoy working with?
  • What do I want to avoid during my thesis writing process?
  • What resources and data do I need to obtain?
  • What research methods do I like to use?
  • What are my academic goals after my thesis?
  • What are my career goals?
  • What industry do I want to work in?


Looking for more inspiration? Check out our 8 tips for finding the perfect thesis topic.

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