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Market cannibalism in the European Energy Market

Spring 2023


As Europe proceeds towards the Green Deal 2050, market cannibalism in the energy sector may remove baseload from the system. How can the weather phenomenon Dunkelflaute result in a total blackout for the 2035-2040 electricity market?

  • Energy market
  • Market cannibalism
  • EU policies
  • Renewable energies
  • Engineering

Thesis description

The master thesis will research how EU policies will result in market cannibalism for baseload providers, its effects on national energy security, and what the solutions may be. Utilizing my background within renewables, energy markets, and system integration of wind power.

My profound interest in this topic and my fascination with the EU energy markets and renewables, have led me to this topic. This is one of the biggest problems the European electricity market will face in the future. The current energy crisis illustrates the importance of having energy producers which can provide energy securities to the grid.  With work experience as a power market analyst, I know that this is a legit problem industry wants an answer to. What will be the solution? What kind of mechanisms do we need to withstand a Dunkelflaute? Can we balance the EU grid on energy production from renewables? Will the solution be a hybrid between nuclear and renewables?

NOTE: This topic encompasses a wide variety of sectors. It will be necessary to narrow it down.

Some context:

EU strives to be the first climate-neutral continent by 2050 (European green deal). Implementation of new energy policies in combination with renewable energy construction will make (on paper) Europe green by 2050. EU policies aim to deliver secure, sustainable, and affordable energy for citizens and businesses. Future predictions estimate a rising energy demand, which the EU promises will be compensated by clean green energy.

Moving toward this transition, the progressive cost for fossil-based energy providers will be unacceptable, resulting in unprofitability and thus decommissioning. CCS might be used as an alternative, however, the technology is not compatible or economically viable for large-scale CO2 compensation (current technologies).

The current energy crisis illustrates the importance of having energy securities in the grid. Baseloads provide energy security. Set aside hydropower, there are currently no renewable technologies that can provide, with certainty, a baseload over a long period.  Because of daily, weekly, and seasonal changes in wind/solar availability.

Today’s situation may foreshadow what can happen in the future. High prices in the commodity market, shortage of gas storage, hydro scarcity, and nuclear maintenance, combined with high demand, results in higher energy prices. Fossil-based energy providers produce electricity on margins to support the demand. On the other side of this spectrum, renewable providers (wind energy producers) earn huge profits based on the current scenario.

The same thing may happen towards the European green deal transition. An increase in CO2 pricing, political incentives, public opinions, and market mechanisms may force fossil-based energy providers out of the market, thus the term “market cannibalism”.  This is beneficial in terms of CO2 reduction and electricity prices, but in terms of energy security and markets, may have catastrophic effects. The big question is, can such a system withstand long periods with clouds and little wind? (Dunkelflaute)

Is your organisation prepared for the next cyber attack?

Spring 2023


How to manage the many organizational challenges related to cyber security

  • Cyber security
  • Communication
  • AI
  • Big data
  • Risk management

Thesis description

Did you know that many cyber security attacks on organizations occur not due to a lack of technical security measures, but rather due to human factors. Therefore, to effectively prepare for the growing threat landscape, organizations must address challenges related to processes, leadership, communication, and awareness.

We are currently in the very beginning of our process on deciding the main focus of our thesis why we are very open to suggestions from your organization. This means that you have the opportunity to get quite a big influence on us exploring a topic specifically relevant to your organization. Though we have not yet scoped the focus, we are particularly interested in exploring topics related to cultural, communicational, and management perspectives, as well as change management and employee awareness.

Studying ITKO (IT, communication and organization), our research centers around the interaction between humans and technology, and we take a holistic approach that considers both the technological, human and organizational aspects of a problem or challenge.

So how is this relevant for you? Maybe you are a company facing future changes related to cyber security and are unsure of where and how to start, or maybe you are already in the process of organizational changes but faces many challenges in the process that you would like us to dive into. Maybe you have already made changes, but you are still not reaching your goals. It could also be that you are unsure on how to communicate and manage awareness on cyber security to your employees or if you are in need of a CISO or other competences in the organization. Either way we are very interested in hearing from you on the possibility for a thesis collaboration!

System innovation towards a circular economy

Spring 2023


Transforming our underlying economic system from the current linear model to a circular economy model

  • System innovation
  • Circular economy
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Sustainability
  • Ethical considerations

Thesis description

A circular economy (CE) is key to positively changing our human behaviours, attitudes, and activities towards long-term sustainability. Although of undeniable importance, new technologies and scientific innovations alone cannot make worldwide economic activity sustainable. Moreover, we will not solve the current environmental issues by merely developing solutions that deal with the waste already created by our current practices. We must, more importantly, address the root cause of such issues.

To do so, we must consider the economic system underlying how activities are conducted on a worldwide basis. Our current economic linear model, characterized by exponential growth and GDP maximization in a finite planet, cannot support present economic and population growth rates for much longer. We must break with the linear economy to enable the transition to a sustainable circular economy approach. Doing so will allow us to achieve a state of global equilibrium that increases the well-being of our societies, ecosystems, and climate.

In my master’s thesis, I would like to, on a global level, address how the transformation of our underlying economic system is required to transition from our current linear model to a CE model. Specifically, I would like to research how currently a high-tech conceptualisation of CE is being globally discussed, which means that highly technological innovations are being developed and portrayed as the solution to fight climate change and increase sustainability. In contrast, I would like to explore an arguably more needed nature and human-driven CE from a systems thinking and sociological perspective that considers the interdependence between humans and the environment. In doing so, I will discuss the opportunities and societal benefits that a CE might offer.

Amongst other questions of wondering, I am curious to explore if and how nature-based CE processes and approaches (including nature-based solutions) such as ecosystem-based adaptation, biomimicry, regenerative design, and One Health are being advanced in the global CE agenda. This will entail looking into why they are not being adopted at a larger scale to address climate change, and, more concretely, what barriers and challenges might be related to that. In that regard, to argue for a nature and human-driven CE, I would like to explore how human and environmental health are interdependent and how the evolution of these two ecosystems can’t be handled as isolated systems.

The theoretical foundation of the thesis will tentatively centre around systems thinking, sociology, human ecology, and systems design. “Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System” (1999) by Donella Meadows might serve as a foundational starting point.

I am very eager to write my thesis as part of a company collaboration as I would like to research this topic based on a potential case study or a practical application and founded on industry insights and knowledge. This will allow the thesis research to be more tangible and realistically applicable as well as allow to derive concrete analysis discussions and potential recommendations and pointers to future actions based on the gained conclusions. I am open to discussing potential adaptations and specifications of the topic in alignment with your company’s interests and expertise.

Econometric and strategic analysis

Spring 2023


Solving a complex problem for [Company name]

  • Strategic analysis
  • Econometric analysis
  • Competitive environment
  • Business administration
  • Regression analysis

Thesis description

Econometric and strategic analysis of [company name]

This thesis aims to conduct an in-depth analysis of a company within a specific industry. The selected company will be based on the availability of data from the company. The analysis will utilize a combination of econometric and strategic analysis techniques to evaluate the performance and potential of the company in relation to a specific problem field. The econometric analysis will most likely include regression analysis to forecast sales and/or pricing strategy. The strategic analysis will contribute to identifying the company’s competitive environment, business model, and industry trends, and evaluating the company’s strategy.

The econometric and strategic analysis will provide a basis for a recommendation for improvement and future actions for the company. The findings of this research will provide insight into the company’s strengths and weaknesses, and how the company should navigate to mitigate risk, and weaknesses within the specific problem field. Depending on the chosen problem field the company can potentially benefit from this thesis in their decision-making, identifying growth opportunities, or improving efficiency.

When children are involved in a design process as an aid in creating better experiences

Spring 2023


How can children be involved in a design process and which ethical considerations should be made?

  • Design process
  • Service design
  • User research
  • Co-designing
  • Ethical considerations

Thesis description

Service Design is a process where designers create sustainable solutions and optimize experiences for both users in unique constrallations as well as possible involved stakeholders. This can include both user research, user journey creation and optimisation of possible weak points in a service or designing a new service.

As part of our thesis we wish to work with how children can contribute to creating more unique experiences for themselves by including them in the design process. We are therefore looking for a case study project to base our research on. We are open to basing our project on an actual problem or identifying a challenge or opportunity which can be of value for the collaborating company in the future.

Our research statement will be along the lines of: How can children be involved in a design process as an aiding tool in creating better experiences?

And we are hoping to look at the following points in our thesis:

1) How can children contribute to co-designing their own experiences?
    – Deliverable/goal: A theoretical insight contributing to Service Design, and with a practical solution that is beneficial for the company. 
2) What ethical considerations should be considered when co-designing with children?
     – Deliverable/goal: Theoretical knowledge with contributes to the service implementation for the company.
3) What value can a design process gain from including children instead of adults?
    – Deliverable/goal: A theoretical contribution to Service Design.

Project goal: An overall Service Design contribution on how children can contribute to a design process with focus on ethical considerations. With a company product as a case study to support the findings.

We are open for alternations that match the need of the company, as well as inputs and ideas for the process.

How UX can help solve user pain points

Spring 2023


Use our UX and design process skills to help illuminate problems and suggest solutions

  • UX
  • Design Process
  • User pain points
  • AI
  • User centered design methods

Thesis description

We haven’t set our minds on a thesis topic yet, but would rather use Excelerate as an opportunity for inspiration through collaboration.

We are interested in finding user pain points or problematics, and through data collecting and design processes try to solve this problematics – potentially with Hi-Fi prototype(s).

We hope to find these problematics through a collaboration, discussion or/and conversation with you as our potential partner.

We especially find interest within the field of AI (from a UX perspective), healthcare devices, IoT, but are not limited to these subjects what so ever.

Organisational culture and leadership

Spring 2023


The communicative leader

  • Organisational culture
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Management
  • Company climate

Thesis description

We are a group of four students, that are seeking to establish a collaboration with an organisation.

Our interests lies within the communicative field, primarily regarding management and organisational culture. We are seeking a collaboration from which we are granted access to an organisation, that allows us to investigae current strengths and potential dillemas and challenges that the organisation may have, regarding management and culture.

Our methodological approach will initially be 2-4 observations and subsequently, interviews with 3-5 coworkers of 45 minutes to 1 hour each.

We are interested in making our collaboration beneficial for both parties. We are open to inputs and wishes regarding the specific empirical focus of the assignment.

Identifying optimization solutions for production processes

Spring 2023


Using analytical tools to understand and improve current methods and processes in production

  • Optimization solutions
  • Production processes
  • Automation
  • Waste management
  • Engineering

Thesis description

– Analysis of the initial problem, including indications from the problem’s context.

– Formulation of a specific problem which is well documented and argued, supported by data and claims, expressing an anomaly, a paradox, a contrast or a contradiction, including established (performance) criteria. The problem should also contain a goal which is to be achieved by the answers or solutions proposed later in the project. The problem formulation should cover any limitations and assumptions which are made during the analysis and the synthesis parts of the project.

– Description of the methods used during the problem analysis and solution identification. The methods could be already known or developed specifically for the purpose of the project. They should ensure trustworthiness of the analysis and the solution.
– Presentation of the analysis and the results obtained, as well as their evaluation.

– Presentation of solution (proposal) which could eventually be tested or a plan for its implementation could be elaborated.

– Evaluation of the solution and implementation (proposal) in relation to the established (performance) criteria.

– Reflections on the results and solutions in relation to the limitations and the assumptions made.

– Conclusion including interpretation of the results and the implications of the findings and the solutions.

Helping regular people understand the life of dyslexic friends/family

Spring 2023


A tool for helping relatives and interested parties to understand life with dyslexia

  • Dyslexia
  • Autism
  • Digital Health
  • Digitization
  • Qualitative Data Collection

Thesis description

The core inspiration for this comes from the games and simulations intended to let typical people experience what it’s like to have autism. An example of these would be Autismity.

Dyslexia is generally treated less severely than for example autism and we already have various tools to aid dyslexic people deal with education and more, so providing a tool, game or simulation for actually experiencing dyslexia is intriguing to me, in part because multiple of my friends happen to have dyslexia themselves. Given that I have autism myself, some of the issues these people struggle with are things I can identify with too..

Advanced Applied Statistics Thesis

Spring 2023


Quantative heavy statistics thesis-project

  • Applied Statistics
  • Innovation
  • Quantative
  • Bayesian
  • Finance

Thesis description

I am hoping to write my thesis in collaboration with a company that would allow me to solve quantative-heavy problems as part of an applied statistics thesis, preferably a project involving Bayesian statistics, stochastic processes, or statistical quantative finance..

Optimizing intergroup collaboration

Spring 2022


Understanding intergroup leadership from a relational leadership perspective

  • Leadership
  • Intergroup
  • Project
  • Identity
  • Organizing

Thesis description

The theme of the research will be on intergroup leadership with a special focus on the different forms of leadership occurring when two or more groups are made to work together. The setting is optimally found in a pre-merger stage or in an organizational or inter-organizational project. To create a proper understanding, a broad variety of concepts will be utilized such as various understandings of identity work, the ingroup/outgroup trade-off in leadership, and psychological empowerment. This will be done from a relational leadership perspective

With the investigation, I aim to gain a deeper understanding of how to make distinctive groups work better together in a specific setting. By taking the relational leadership perspective, the research allows for inclusion of context-specific factors such as historical experiences, cultural differences/similarities, as well as individual preferences. Together this can help identify forms of leadership in an intergroup work mode that not necessarily derive from the managers/formal leaders.

Deploying MLOps in a live production setup – a demo case study to operationalize machine learning

Spring 2022


Deploying MLOps in a live production setup – a demo case study to operationalize machine learning

  • MLOps
  • Data Science
  • Business Strategy
  • Python
  • Machine Learning

Thesis description

Our thesis aims to operationalise a machine learning workflow for a company or department that is interested to deploy a machine learning solution to enhance their work. The theoretical underpinnings of this machine learning workflow (also referred to as MLOps) will be based on materials stemming from different courses – ranging from infrastructural choices (e.g. Microsoft Azure, Databricks, AWS etc.), database choice (e.g. RDMBS vs NoSQL), database design theories, reference architecture and designing and crafting, to mathematical and statistical theories behind the machine learning algorithm that we eventually select for the solution, and other MLOps white papers or conference articles that explain best practices and recommendations.

Current progress (research of start-ups in the space, industry practices and published peer reviewed papers) and monetary constraints has led us to narrow the project scope to operationalising an end-to-end ML pipeline merely using open-source software. Thus the thesis is converging towards “democratising” the deployment of MLOps in an inexpensive and simple manner.

Digitalization strategy: Analysis of its framework and development and application of a digital transformation template

Spring 2023


The role of management to facilitate the transition towards a successful digitalization strategy execution.

  • Communication
  • Digitalization strategy
  • Change management
  • Servitization
  • Social Media Marketing

Thesis description

Digitalization strategies in the frame of servitized companies, with special reference to the barriers and problems to its application, given that there are external and internal enabling factors that can be or can not be controlled by the organisation, with the perspective of analysing empirical data and gather relevant theory about how to create a canvas that can show the set of factors that can be measured, studied, and controlled by the organisation, according to the theoretical frameworks of Service-dominant logic and the holistic Digital Transformation (especially post-covid-19).

Third-party dependency management

Spring 2023


What it takes to strengthen third-party dependency management in a software ecosystem?

  • Software engineering
  • Dependency management
  • Third-party dependency
  • Software development
  • Dependency network

Thesis description

What developer hasn’t heard of Dependency Hell or struggled with dependency management?

In my experience in the industry, I was frequently faced with lack of guidelines, prioritization and updates automation of the software dependencies that lead to severe complications in completing software.

Hence, this experience sparked my interest in conducting empirical research addressing dependency management practices. For this, I’m looking for a company that is interested in learning about research insights, potential threads and opportunities that are driven by their methods and processes in regard to dependency management.

Co-creation of innovation between companies and start-ups

Spring 2023


Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Co-creation
  • Innovation
  • Startups
  • Corporate
  • Design Thinking

Thesis description

We are interested in researching the connection between startups and companies and how this collaboration process can bring value to both companies and startups.

We would like to explore what the process looks like and how it can be optimized. We are also curious to research how long-term partnerships can be established.

The companies we are interested in collaborating with have collaborated on a solution with a startup or companies that mediate this connection.

Role of your company in terms of innovation and the start-up ecosystem

Spring 2023


Innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Startup Ecosystem
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Processes
  • Collaboration

Thesis description

We are interested in researching how is your company involved in the startup ecosystem. In case you are a startup, we are curious to hear about your journey and look into your past or current challenges and how can we use theory in innovation and entrepreneurship to develop a framework for solving the challenges. In case you are an established company, we would like to hear about how you engage with innovation, internally or externally. In case you are an incubator, accelerator or innovation management company, we would be interested in researching your challenges and processes and how can they be resolved or optimized.

Online Fraud

Spring 2023


Combating Identity Theft and Fraud in Online Games

  • Fraud
  • Online Fraud
  • Scam
  • Banking Industry
  • Identity Theft

Thesis description

At present time, fraudsters flourishes in online communities. As a result, the banking industry and the Danish police experience a massive number of reports from victims of this type of crime. Dealing with this problem is important so that it can be safe and secure for the individual to shop online.

The influence of remote work on work-life balance

Spring 2023


How does remote work affect employee’s work life balance, and what does this and ICT’s mean for the border between the professional life and the private life?

  • ICT
  • Remote/hybrid work
  • Work life balance
  • Professional/private life
  • Covid-19

Thesis description

We wish to examine how remote/hybrid work has influenced employees’ work life balance and has had an impact on the border between the two worlds/spheres, the professional life and the private life. Information and communication technologies (ICT) and communication platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams have helped to enable remote/hybrid work, which may have had an impact on employees’ work life balance among other things, and may have forced the movement from the disciplinary society to the project society. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, remote / hybrid work has become widespread.
Remote work may influence employees’ work life balance, the social and cultural norms etc. At the same time, this can affect the border between professional life and private life, where employees may experience that this border is blurred as remote work is becoming more widespread.
Therefore, we wish to examine how remote work affect employee’s work life balance, and what this and ICT’s mean for the border between the professional life and the private life.

Digital health in the pharmaceutical industry

Spring 2022


Create a digital strategy through implementation of a digital platform to support a company’s portofolio

  • Business Development
  • Digital Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Digitization
  • Pharmaceutical

Thesis description

The main goal of the project is to build a strategy for a chosen pharmaceutical company on how to implement a digital platform/app to enhance its existing product portfolio. The pharmaceutical industry has a revenue model, which is highly dependent on the reimbursement agreements with the governments, which only now are, starting to implement reimbursements on digital health solutions. Some countries are exploring this such as Germany (made possible by the German Digital Healthcare Act, DVG) or the UK (through the Innovation and Technology Payment). Furthermore, with the rise of digitalization and a focus on operating businesses ethically, digital health solutions can enable pharmaceutical companies to not only produce and sell a certain product but also, for example, monitor the intake of the medication, following the patient throughout their journey, etc.

Because of, among others, the lacking reimbursement agreements and funding on digital health, the pharmaceutical industry is struggling in creating a successful business model in this area. Focusing on a digital strategy is, however, crucial for the industry’s future perspective as they expect that 5-10 years from now, 32% of the profit to come from this area. They all agree on the relevance, however, do not know how to go about it. One of the problems the companies face is finding the right price of the digital product, they might lack needed capabilities and there can be a low data availability in the area, as it is still a rather unexplored market.

I wish to engage in a collaboration with a company to create a tailored strategy for their specific product portfolio and organization.

Modeling the green transformation

Spring 2022


An investigation of Danish companies’ sustainability strategy and implementation in Asia

  • Sustainable Business
  • Sustainable Transformation
  • Strategic Management
  • International Strategic Implementation
  • Globalization

Thesis description

Ørsted’s green transformation has been recognized as proven success in transforming its products and services from NOG to renewable. With the EU’s SDG forces and the Danish government’s support socially and financially, Ørsted managed to maintain its legitimacy during the transformation. Their success has inspired more companies in energy sectors to pursue sustainable transformation more aggressively including CIP, Vesta, Ramboll..etc. This research intends to investigate closely Orsted’s and other Danish companies’ legitimacy strategies in application to Asian context where the institutions, social and cultural expectation towards sustainability has not been as developed as they are in Europe.  A strategic framework for exporting the green transformation model will be proposed. The research plans to identify the strategic implementation and actions taken by the firms in the region and evaluate the attainability. The green transformation framework could set a precedent and serve as a model project for other companies and industries who wish to export their SD goal in Asia.

Want to see all of our 100+ Master thesis topics?

Examples of Bachelor thesis topics

We have collected more than 50+ Bachelor thesis topics submitted to the Excelerate platform in 2022 and 2023.

Our Bachelor research topics range from many different areas such as communication and media, business, sociology, economics, finance, statistics, law, medicine and health, management, engineering, and much more.

Below you can see all of our good examples of Bachelor thesis topics.

The transformation of work due to technology

Spring 2023


How the influence of technology has helped some organisations prosper and which tradeoffs this growth/implementation of technology implies for the employer and employee

  • Technology
  • Efficiency
  • Automatisation
  • Ethical implications
  • Organisational changes

Thesis description

A brief summary: Transformation of work and employment facilitated by the exponential growth of technology

We would like to find a company to collaborate with, that has been a first-mover and has taken advantage of the benefits that come with the implementation of technology in the organisation. This includes higher efficiency, increased performance, and cutting down on working hours/automatisation but also the tradeoffs that might occur such as increased surveillance, employees practising self-discipline as well as the ethical implications that this implies.

What we am looking for:

– A company that is a first-mover when it comes to implementing technology and/or has experienced a lot of growth over the recent years that has led to organisational changes.

– Employees to interview about their work and routines

– Managers/leaders to interview about their position and the challenges/benefits of being a person with influence/authority.

– Pros & cons of technology. How has it improved the company and/or which challenges has it posed/have you overcome?


Companies we had in mind:

– Hummel

– Nemlig.com/currier

– Wolt/currier

– Gorillas/currier

– JustEat/currier

– Accountant

– Truck drivers/Post Nord (monitoring devices)

Participatory IT Design

Spring 2023


Preliminary study in IT transformation

  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Software Development
  • Machine learning
  • User driven design
  • Scrum

Thesis description

In recent years a lot of organizations are looking towards IT to solve business and organizational related problems. This means a lot of time and money are spend on a variety of projects, some with more success than others.

This project is preliminary study of such a situation.

Using the MUST-method, the project examines the feasibility of a future or existing IT solution to a given problem.

The MUST-method is a hollistic approah where all affected parties in the organization is included, and are taking into account when finding the right solution. This includes management, end-users, customers and implementers.

Further more the business environment and strategy is assesed to justify the cost of a given solution, that is sustainable within the organization.

The end goal of the project is a to give an organization a recommendation, of how to proceed from an IT perspective.

Valuation of a company

Spring 2023


Valuation of a company within the courses finance, economics and marketing

  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Valuation
  • Strategic analysis

Thesis description


We are a group of three student from Roskilde University, that want to make a valuation of a company. Where we compare the market value with the book value that we through the thesis will try to valuate. (one way, if it is not listed on the stock exchange, that is fine as well)

The thesis will contain a strategic analysis of the company and industry operates in.

A analysis of the companies financial statements for the past five years. This will help with the estimated forecast that will be the fundamental of future forecast for us to discount back to present time.

And finally a valuation of the company, where we want to use Discounted Cash Flow model, calculate our own Beta, free risk rate, market premium to calculate CAPM and WACC.

With cooperation with a company, we can build a strong thesis. Where the empirical and data will consist of primary and secondary data.

We hope to get information, so we can build a revunue build for the future for us to discount.


The thesis would not only help us as student to develop our skills but it could also be helpful for the company to get some insight from a consultant’s perspective of the value of the company.


The thesis can be made public with permission from the company. If not it will only be available for us three students and two examinators.


We hope you as a company is interested and want to work with us.


Thanks for your attention.

Bachelor project in product development

Spring 2023


spring 2023

  • User-oriented design
  • Research and development
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Rapid prototyping

Thesis description

We are four design and innovation students who are about to write a bachelor thesis in the spring 2023.

We have not settled on a topic yet, except for “product development”. Our main interests are user-oriented design and mechanical engineering. We have a lot of experience with rapid prototyping, sketching, and CAD modelling. We have limited experience with programming (Python and C++).

We are looking for a company who either works with development of new physical products or improving on existing ones. Our expectations for the company is a close collaboration during the thesis as we want to make a product for the company, keeping their values in mind. The specific type of product is somewhat irrelevant, but we would like it to have some mechanical components and be able to work with the design.

Bachelor thesis: Algorithmic Management in organizations

Spring 2023


Bachelor of science – Global Business Informatics

  • Algorithmic management
  • Organizational structures
  • Efficiency and optimization
  • Decision-making
  • Technological operations

Thesis description

We are a group of three Global Business Informatics students at ITU, in the midst of our bachelor’s project. We share an interest in technologies that form and co-construct in relation to organizational structures and in that regard wish to explore this further with our project.

We intend to investigate the shifts in organizing principles that take form in the presence of algorithmic management technologies. We find this topic interesting due to the multiple aspects it presents: human vs. technological work, transparency of technological operations, efficiency and optimization due to technological solutions, ethical considerations of algorithmic functions and outputs, etc.

We would love to collaborate with companies that have integrated algorithms into their workings, primarily in the form of management and decision-making in any and/or all levels of the organization.

Business to consumer marketing

Spring 2023



  • B2C marketing
  • Advertisment
  • Marketing strategies
  • Branding
  • Marketing Analytics

Thesis description

We want to write about the topic “advertising” under the subject area “B2C marketing and communication”, as we would like to take a closer look at how different marketing strategies can be used to target specific segments/target groups, and how the company can influence their brand. Furthermore, we want to delve into a specific company/case to examine their current marketing plan and, by using relevant theory, find out what works and what could be improved.

How to improve your M&A integration success?

Spring 2022


The impact of explicit incentives schemes on key employees

  • M&A
  • Employees
  • Incentives
  • Success
  • Motivation

Thesis description

We aim to empower companies to make more strategic and successful decisions when it comes to integrating key employees after an M&A.

We wish to look at the due diligence preparation in regards to key employees. More specifically, the incentives taken to identify, motivate, and retain them. As well as the impact of the incentives on the success of the integration. The reason being, that negletation of integration is considered the main factor of failure of M&A, a successful integration will lead a lower failure rate.

We wish to conduct an in-depth analysis of the case company, which will not only allow us to get the necessary data for our study but it will also benefit you, as you will get insights into how to improve your integration processes.

For our study to be relevant, we wish to collaborate with a company that has had at least one successful M&A, and have dealt with implementation of incentives to key employees.

Deep learning project within NLP or RL

Spring 2023


Two AI enthusiasts studying Machine learning and data science open for project suggestions

  • AI
  • Machine Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Deep Learning

Thesis description

Why NLP is cool 💬
How do you know that this text you are reading is not written by a machine? Through recent advances in NLP, this question does not seem that silly today. We hope to put theory into practice by building systems capable of things such as information extraction, text generation, summarization, classification, and more.

Why RL is cool 🤖
We have always been fascinated by the possibility of using machine learning to optimize strategy in for example games, and applying these techniques to real-world problems. This could be in the form of a recommender system, financial decision-making, robotics, and many other domains.

What we hope you can offer:

  • A relevant and concrete problem with respect to NLP/RL
  • Guidance and expertise

Valuation of *COMPANY NAME*

Spring 2023


Subtitle will be decided upon after knowing about the details of the business

  • Business Economics
  • Valuation
  • M&A
  • Finance advisory
  • Strategy and organisation

Thesis description

The thesis will be be composed of 3 parts. Analysis, Methodology and Valuation. The analysis will consist of several different models in the strategical, organizational or marketing-related fields. This will form the base for the valuation part, which will contain primarily financial analyses and models. The methodology part is an academic nessecity where we explain our working processes and demonstrate that were doing proper university work.

At this time, we can guarantee that at least some of these models can be used (but not limited to):

– Porters 5 forces

– VRIO analysis

– PESTEL analysis

– Stakeholder analysis (an many cases not so relevant)

– A thorough budget

– Determination of the firm’s Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)

– Trend/seasonal analysis

– Discounted Cash Flow analysis (DCF)

– Multiples Analysis

Implementing internal customer service to enhance business performance

Spring 2023


Rethinking and implementing a strategic approach towards improving internal services.

  • Structural Analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Internal services
  • Customer relation
  • Service Management

Thesis description

With relevance to Management control systems and Strategy in a service perspective the interest of our bachelor thesis is shaped from the problems of internal service within organisations. How management and control systems within organisations affect employees, culture and performance thus affecting implimentation of strategies within the firm. Furthermore to examine the employee satisfaction and the correlation it has with a sustainable competitve advantage of the company.

Cyber security risks in the modern organization

Spring 2023


How to handle cyber security risks in a modern organization and the economic consequences hereof

  • Cyber security
  • Information systems
  • Software Engineering
  • IT-consulting
  • IT guidelines

Thesis description

43% of cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses, but only 14% are prepared to defend themselves” [1] is a shocking but important statistic.

As the cyber threat keeps growing, the modern organization needs to be prepared, as ignoring these threats can cause financial and reputational damage. It is simply something that cannot be ignored.

Recent events, such as the Covid-19 outbreak has caused an organizational change in many companies around the world. “Home office” or remote work has become very normal, and both employees and employers are enjoying the benefits. However, this introduces some unanticipated risks and situations.

I am looking to collaborate with a company, preferably an IT-consulting company or a company with many IT-related activities, to explore the potential cyber security risks within the company or at a client. My approach is always tangible, hands-on, and I believe that I can provide value with the background I have. While this is an academic project, I believe that my personal interest in the topic will be a great asset to the partner organization.

The focus will be on the technical part and the economic consequences (damage). The secondary focus will be on the organizational part, i.e. how to handle these risks and make sure that people have an incentive to follow the IT guidelines.

My topic is not final, and it is subject to change. However, this is the direction that I would like to go in. If a company does not necessarily find the topic(s) appealing, I am open for suggestions or modifications – as long as the main topics are IT, economics, and organization.

[1] https://www.embroker.com/blog/cyber-attack-statistics/

Process automatisation

Spring 2023


Automatisation of a process

  • Automation
  • Business intelligence
  • Process innovation
  • Reduced costs
  • Technical and business knowledge

Thesis description

We are three student from IT-University who are writing a bachelor project focusing on processes. We are looking for a process were we can automate manual tasks with creating, storing or moving data in excel or other easy-accesible systems. The benefit of this automatizion will unlock possibilities for Business Intelligence and increased usage of the data and/or simply heap the benefits of reduced costs.

Production management at a production company

Spring 2022


Optimizing production for existing or upcoming product(s)

  • Product platforms
  • Product architectures
  • Production management
  • Product development
  • Supply Management

Thesis description

I am in search of a production company to collaborate with on my bachelor thesis for next semester. If you are looking for an engaging and passionate engineering student to collaborate with, look no further.

What I’m passionate about


  • Taking what I have learned into practice
  • Developing product architectures and platforms to minimize component costs
  • Modularization of products to minimze component veriaty and decrease lead time
  • Determining expected product demand using forecasting techniques on historical data
  • Using production planning tools (AP, MPS, CCRP, MRP) for an optimized production
  • Product development, from concept to final product

Deep dive into deep learning, stochastic processes, and math through problem solving

Fall 2023


Using deep learning to solve a complex problem and to do research

  • Deep Learning
  • Machine Learing
  • Company chooses problem
  • Proven team
  • Research

Thesis description

We are looking to use deep learning, stochastic processes, statistics, and in general just a lot of math to solve a real world complex problem. We want to learn some of the recent developments in machine learning and then apply them in the real world.

We are therefore extremely flexible when it comes to what we can work on. We are therefore looking for companies that have identified problems that are complex enough and suitable for our deep learning wishes.

The focus will be on solving the problem and learning/researching the methods necessary to solve the problem.

Satellite monitoring for supply chain transparency

Spring 2022


Visibility management in a datafied and sustainable business agenda

  • Sustainable business
  • Transperancy
  • Satellite monitoring
  • Supply chain management
  • Datafication

Thesis description

We are researching the possibilities and limitations of satellite monitoring for supply chain transparency and its subsequent implications for sustainable development in a company. More specifically, we want to investigate how effective satellite data implementation and usage is at increasing transparency and improving information flows in supply chains management. We are looking for companies already using satellite montitoring or considers to implement it that are willing to work together with us on this bachelor thesis.

Co-Creation Practices in Open Innovation

Spring 2022


Is there a cultural influence on co-creation practices between international companies?

  • Open Innovation
  • International
  • Co-Creation
  • Cultural influence
  • Performance

Thesis description

The purpose of this study is to assess if within the open innovation field, cultural differences might influence co-creation practices.

The last couple of decades, Open Innovation (OI) has become an important topic for firms who wish to effectively access flows of knowledge. However, even though OI is of high importance, we found out that it has not received enough attention in the academic literature, especially within Scandinavia. For that reason, this thesis will be primarily focused on Open Innovation in Scandinavia and we hope it will contribute to more research into this increasingly crucial area.

Furthermore, this paper will focus on the topic of co-creation practices within the OI spectrum. We define co-creation as “the collaborative development of new value (concepts, solutions, products, and services) together with experts and/or stakeholders (such as customers, suppliers, partners, etc)” (Fronteer, 2022). Again, even though this topic is becoming more important and represents a greater opportunity for companies to create value for their customers and users, it is not researched enough.

Finally, we noticed that very few academic papers include cultural and geographic elements to the research on co-creation in an international context. Therefore, this thesis aims to investigate what seems to be a research gap, and will study the potential influence of cultural proximity in co-creation practices between international companies/subsidies.

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FAQ about Master & Bachelor thesis topics

What does ‘thesis topic’ mean?

A thesis topic means the main topic, or research area/focus, of your research project.

On Excelerate a thesis topic is what you, the student, upload on Excelerate’s website, which contains a thorough thesis description of the thoughts about your thesis project. The thesis topic is used for companies to search for students they would like to work with through a thesis collaboration.

How to find a good master’s topic?

If you are looking for a good research topic for your Master thesis, you can find this on Excelerate. We have a database with more than 100+ Master topics in different areas created by former students.

Also, you can find inspiration for Master topics by looking through your bachelor’s project. There might be parts you want to dig deeper into, or maybe there’s another perspective you could use for your master’s. You can also go online, check the news or talk with colleagues and peers. They might have some interesting ideas you can use for your thesis topic.

Alternatively, check out our guide on how to choose a master’s thesis topic.

How to find a good bachelor’s topic?

If you are searching for a good research topic for your Bachelor thesis, you can use Excelerate to find it. We have a database with more than 100+ Bachelor topics in different areas created by former students.

Another way to find topics for your bachelor project could be by looking through notes and previous assignments. Point out topics and areas that caught your interest and start looking at how this could relate to the real world. You can also ask your teachers, professors, colleagues, or even fellow students if they have any good ideas for topics.

Here you can read more on how to choose your bachelor’s topic.

What topic should I write about?

This is a difficult question to answer. The most important thing is that you find a thesis topic that interests you. In addition, you can draw inspiration from the internet, newspapers, or former students. Look through your old notes and past assignments. You may come across something that you would like to dive further into or unfold.

What topics can I write about?

There are a lot of topics you can write about when it comes to your Master’s or Bachelor’s thesis project. You can start by narrowing your topic down to a certain subject. To give you examples, it could be within law, communication, marketing, economics, mathematics, IT, AI, machine learning, medicine, or something else.

After narrowing it down to a specific subject, you need to find an interesting topic within that subject. It could be topics on language, society, economy, sustainability, leadership, change development, go-to-market strategies, expansion strategies on X or Y market, UX design, product development, supply chain management, engineering, biotech, bioengineering, and much more. Only your imagination and interests set the limits for what topic you can write about.

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