How does a project collaboration with students work?

Excelerate matches your company with relevant Bachelor and Master students’ thesis and project topics published on our platform.

Excelerate facilitates the entire matching process to the point of a confirmed project collaboration. Read more about our matching process below.

Excelerate matching step 1: Create account

Create account

Create a professional account on the Excelerate platform. Once you’ve created your account, you have to connect it to your company.

If your company do not have a company profile yet, you will automatically become the administrator when connecting your personal account with your company.

Excelerate matching step 2: Explore thesis topics

Explore thesis topics

On our platform you can find Bachelor and Master thesis topics from students that you find interesting. It is 100% free and non-binding to use our platform to browse and search for interesting student thesis topics.

The Excelerate team will notify you when new thesis topics that suit your company’s interests are published on our platform.

Excelerate matching step 3: Request interview

Request interview

When your company have found a project subject that matches your interests, you send a meeting request to the student(s) via the platform.

Remember that the students’ thesis topics are initial ideas. Do not hesitate to contact students and suggest tweaks to their thesis topics not a 100 match with what you are looking for.

Excelerate matching step 4: Meet the students

Meet the students

When the student has accepted your meeting request, it is time for the first meeting. Use the interview to learn more about the student(s) and their thesis topic and ideas behind the project.

On the interview you can align expectations for the collaboration and adjust the thesis topic and approach to fit your common interests and needs.

Excelerate matching step 5: Collaborate


After the interview you decide whether you want to proceed and collaborate with the student (or group of students).

Are you happy to proceed, your company and the student(s) confirm the thesis collaboration via the platform.

Congratulations! You have now found your first thesis project collaboration match.

Excelerate matching step 6: Hire


When the thesis collaboration is about to end, you have had time to assess the student (or group of students). You can now make an informed decision about whether there is a match for employment in the company afterwards.

Hiring one or more students from the collaboration is 100% free of charge.

Collaborate with Bachelor and Master students matched with your interests and needs

Your company can use Excelerate to find university students from all universities in Denmark. Depending on which students your company is looking for, you can filter your search to only brows relevant topics that your company is interested in.

If, for example, you are looking for specific types of students, it could be CBS students, ITU students or KU students, you can filter your search to just these three Danish universities. In this way, you can find exactly the students who meet your requirements and interests as a company when looking for students for a student-project or thesis collaboration.

In addition to being able to search for specific students, universities, and topics, you can also search for specific types of student collaborations. It could be, for example, that your company is looking specifically for a CBS student Master/Bachelor thesis collaboration, a KU student Bachelor/Master thesis collaboration or perhaps a ITU student Bachelor/Master thesis collaboration.

Remember that you can always reach out to Excelerate for sparring about finding the perfect students for your company’s needs and interests. Our skilled Excelerate team is ready to advise and help you along the way.

Thesis collaboration between a student and a company

What can you expect from a Bachelor / Master project collaboration?

Student working har on their thesis

Generally, students operate separately from the company’s everyday activities. This means that the students’ Bachelor and Master thesis writing does not interfere with the company’s. However, this is something that is up to you to decide. How much the company interact with the students depends of what type of student project collaboration you have agreed on.

We have experiences that the time dedicated to interact with the university students as a company is on average bi-weekly 1-2 hours. The lenght of the project collaboration is often 3-4 months, but it depends on what you decide on and what type of collaboration you agree on.

The time dedicated to interact with the student collaboration project is likely spread over various employees. The time spent could be for example be conducting interviews, help the students collect data and knowledge about the organisation and other relevant activities related to their thesis writing.

We suggest that a company have one dedicated contact person to check in with the student or group of students once in a while. This way you increase the chances that the collaboration becomes a sucess.

The low-hanging fruit when it comes to seeing the right fit for the company is in the basic human interaction. So, feel free to invite students for joint activities. For exam– lunch with the team, Friday bar, teambuilding, or any other events that can help you get to know them better during the student-company thesis collaboration.

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Advantages of a university student project and thesis collaboration


Excelerate serves as a pre-recruitment platform, which gives companies the opportunity to get acquainted with university students on their Master’s or Bachelor’s degree. The way we do this is by matching you with relevant Master and Bachelor students through Bachelor and Master thesis collaborations. A great way to meet relevant employee candidates that can be hired in the company after the collaboration.

Through a project collaboration you get to work with the university students for several months. During this time, you can explore if the candidates fit to the company – both professionally and socially. When the project collaboration comes to an end, the company have a comprehensive and better understanding to hire or not.

As a company you get access to a wide variety of students on the platform that fit your needs and interests. Plus, you get to build a connection with them before they’re out on the market. You may be a smaller company looking for students with a special knowledge in a specific area, or maybe you’re a larger company who’s in search of a student with a more broad and general knowledge.

Create a profile on the Excelerate platform and browse among the best academic talents in Denmark for potential project and thesis collaborations.

A student at a jobinterview after successful thesis collaboration

FAQ – Project / thesis collaboration with students

Why is a thesis/project collaboration relevant for a company?

You can use the thesis collaborations with students as a pre-recruitment source. If you like the students and see them as a potential fit in your company after the collaboration has ended, then you can make them a proper job offer. The thesis collaboration eliminates the time and money you usually spend on recruiting and it minimizes the risk of making a bad hire.

Another benefit is that students bring new-thinking and innovation to your company. Students apply the newest research and knowledge on a thesis topic relevant to your company. The results will initially be exclusive to your company before being published. The results and findings of the project can be significant and beneficial to your company.

How do I sign up as a company on Excelerate?

You go to the top right corner of Excelerate and click on the “sign up” button and fill out the details. Make sure you choose the “Professional” account type and from there you follow the directions stated.

What is the price of using Excelerate as a company?

It is free to sign up for companies. You can browse all the thesis topics on the platform as well as get notifications when new thesis topics with your interests and needs land on the platform.

If you wish to contact the students who have uploaded the thesis topic of your liking, you need an active subscription plan. The Excelerate subscription plans:

1) Explorer: Free profile – no hidden fee
2) Rising star: DKK 1,500-3,000 /monthly
3) Achiever: DKK 4,500-9,000/monthly
4) Ivy league: DKK 10,000/monthly

Read more about the Excelerate subscription plans.

What is expected of the company during a student project collaboration?

When agreeing to participate in a thesis collaboration you agree to spend some time on interviews, delivering data and sharing knowledge for the students. However, this will typically be spread across several employees throughout the 3-4 months of collaboration. At the first meeting, you and the students will agree on the terms for the collaboration, here you will be able to discuss the expectations you have for one another.


Register your company and explore all our Bachelor and Master thesis topics from university students – completely free of charge. When you find interesting topics, you can sign up for a subscription plan that suits your needs.

The subscription fee depends on the number of tokens you wish to subscribe to. The minimum period of subscription is 12 months. See all subscription plans below.

Excelerate subscription plans

No hidden fee
Free profile
Explore talent
Perfect to EXPLORE talent and get matched with relevant candidates for free.
Excelerate Talent Matching
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Contact matches
Convert tokens into thesis collaborations*
Unique company profile on*
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Rising Star
1,500 - 3,000
1-2 tokens pr semester
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4,500 - 9,000
3-6 tokens pr semester
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Ivy League
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Premium marketing and visibility
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* 1 token pr thesis collaboration on average. Tokens can be purchased separately at DKK 15,000/pc.

* Unique company profile on can be purchased separately at DKK 1,000/month.