Write your Bachelor or Master thesis with a company

Excelerate facilitates Master and Bachelor thesis collaborations through connecting and matching your Master’s or Bachelor’s thesis topic with relevant companies – for free.

Excelerate is open for all Bachelor and Master students in Denmark across all universities. All you need to do is sign up and upload your thesis topic, and companies will contact you.

The sooner you publish your thesis topic, the better the chances are of finding the perfect match. Read more about the Excelerate matching process step-by-step below.

Excelerate matching process step 1: Create student profile

Create student profile

Sign up and fill out your student profile. Your profile will be visible to companies when browsing your thesis topic.

Your student profile will will be anonymous. This way we avoid any biases towards age, gender and ethnicity. You are chosen based on your thesis topic.

Invite your co-students to Excelerate and add them to your thesis topic. Remember to add all student members, so companies can see all of the student profiles they will eventually engage with.

Excelerate matching process step 2: List your thesis topic

List thesis topic

To create your thesis topic, you need to fill out five steps: Content, Methodology, Value, Motivation, and Why Us.

The more effort you put into filling out your thesis topic, the better the chances are of finding a thesis collaboration match. Being too specific and narrow can limit you to a small group of companies. Being too broad and vague might not attract the right companies.

Find thesis topic insipration and examples or read our guide to finding the perfect topic for your thesis.



Excelerate matching process step 3: Review and publish

Review and publish

Once you have listed your thesis topic, Excelerate reviews it within 48 hours. Once your thesis topic is approved, it is uploaded to the platform and you will be notified by email.

Now, you can lean back and wait for companies contacting you.

If your thesis has not been approved, we provide feedback on the steps you need to revisit and update.

Excelerate matching process step 4: The matching process


When your thesis topic is approved and published, the Excelerate matching process begins.

All companies on the Excelerate platform receive a notification on your thesis topic. Excelerate will also contact specific companies whose profile fits your thesis topic to find a match.

If a company finds your thesis topic to be a match, they invite you for an interview through the platform.

Excelerate matching process step 5: Meet the company

Meet the company

Now it is time to shine.  At the interview you get to present your thesis topic more thoroughly as well as to why the company should choose to collaborate with you.

On the meeting you have the opportunity to fine-tune the thesis topic, discuss expectations as well as other formalities regarding the thesis collaboration.

Excelerate matching process step 6: Approve thesis collaboration

Approve collaboration

If the chemistry was there and you have agreed to collaborate, you and the company accept the thesis collaboration on the Excelerate platform.

Contratulations! You have now established an interesting collaboration for your very own thesis.

Improve your professional network through a thesis collaboration

Having a limited network can easily be a limitation for you in the transition to a full-time dream job when you finish your studies. And as a student, your network and connection to the business world is often times limited. There can be many reasons for your narrow experience and network within your specific field. Perhaps you have not prioritized working a job relevant to your studies or maybe just not have had the opportunity.

Your lack of professional network makes it difficult for you to get in touch with the right companies and people – whether that be in the hopes of landing a thesis collaboration or perhaps a future dream job. This is exactly why you should kickstart your career by collaborating with an interesting company when writing your Bachelor or Master thesis!

At Excelerate, you can forget all about the problem of a limited professional network. Our platform helps you get in touch with interesting companies within your field of study – completely free of charge.

Student writing their thesis project

Writing your thesis with a company kickstarts your career

Thesis collaboration between a student and a company

At Excelerate, we believe that the best way to give you as a student access to the business world is to build a bridge between you and companies already before you finish your studies.

We believe that a more fluid transition from student to full-time work in company – through a student thesis collaboration – increases the chances of you landing your dream job just after graduation. Also, we have experienced that this decreases the chances for you to end up working in a role you are overqualified for or do not like.

On the Excelerate platform you get to collaborate with a company interested in the same thesis topic as you. You will be working closely together with the company for the months you are writing your thesis. Here you can really get to know the company and the people in it, which gives you exciting career opportunities within the company when your collaboration ends. This also increases the chances of you landing a job right after you graduate.

In other words, by engaging with a company through a thesis collaboration, you already have a foot in the door in the business world and a larger professional network. Who knows – maybe your dream job will end up being in the thesis collaboration company?

A company thesis collaboration increases your chances of employment

A study by Dansk Industri shows that the majority of companies in Denmark hire graduates in a full-time position if the company has previously collaborated with the student during their studies. A collaboration can be anything from a student job in the company to a thesis collaboration.

In other words, this means that you, as a soon-to-be graduate, significantly increase your chances of being employed in a full-time position within a company if you already have a relationship with that company during your time as a student.

The study also shows that of all full-time employments of graduates in Denmark, a fifth of these employments are the result of a thesis collaboration. The numbers talk for themselves. Collaborating with companies during your studies that you wish to work for significantly increases your chances of landing a job in the organization.

Sign up for Excelerate for FREE and kickstart your career even before you become a graduate. Who knows, maybe your thesis topic and collaboration will help you land your dream job?

Student at job interview after thesis collaboration

Michelle’s experience on writing her thesis with a company

What a thesis collaboration can do for students

Meet Michelle, 28, from Canada, now living in Denmark. Michelle finished her Candidate degree at Aalborg University in Sustainable Design. She wrote her thesis in collaboration with Gladsaxe Municipality. 

If you are still in doubt, check the video below where Michelle talks about her experience with writing her thesis in collaboration with a company.

After all, you could be like Michelle!

Excelerate events

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Introduction to Excelerate & thesis collaborations

At this webinar we will go through:

  1. What are the benefits of using Excelerate
  2.  How to go through the creation process
  3. How to create the best thesis topic at Excelerate
  4. How to sell your thesis topic

FAQ – Thesis collaborations through Excelerate

Can all university students in Denmark find a thesis collaboration through Excelerate?

Yes! Regardless of which university in Denmark you study at, you can find a thesis collaboration through Excelerate.

If you are a university student at a university in Copenhagen, you can read more here:
Thesis collaboration CBS students
Thesis collaboration ITU students
Thesis collaboration KU students

Does Excelerate have thesis collaborations in Copenhagen?

Yes! Excelerate collaborates with a number of companies that have offices in Copenhagen, Greater Copenhagen, and the surrounding area. So if you are looking for a bachelor or thesis collaboration in Copenhagen, or perhaps another company collaboration for your project in Copenhagen, you can find it completely for free on the Excelerate platform.

Does Excelerate initiate both thesis collaborations and jobs?

Yes and no. Excelerate is the medium for students and companies to meet in order to get a thesis collaboration started. Excelerate does not offer jobs and is neither a jobsite but it is free for students to sign up and use Excelerate.
However, the thesis collaboration also works as a pre-recruiting service. Meaning that the companies can use the thesis collaboration to get to know you, the student, your competencies and then make a job offer after the collaboration has ended if they see you as a fit.

What does ‘thesis topic’ mean?

A thesis topic is what you, the student, upload on Excelerate’s website, which contains a thorough description of the thoughts on your thesis. The thesis topic is used for companies to search for which students they would like to work with on a thesis collaboration.

How do I get a thesis collaboration?

After you have listed your thesis topic, companies can see the topic on Excelerate – they will reach out to you. It is not the students who reach out to the companies to begin with.

If I am in a study group, can I invite other people to the platform?

Yes! And it is actually important that you invite your thesis group members to your thesis topic, so companies can see how many students they potentially will collaborate with. 
So how do you invite your thesis group members? When signed in on Excelerate you can invite them when editing your thesis topic under the “Members” section

How long does it take before a company reaches out to me?

The time before a company reaches out to a student or a group varies a lot. It can take days, weeks or a month. It depends on how relevant companies see your thesis topic. However, new companies are continuously joining the platform, so be patient.

How do I get matched with a company for a thesis collaboration?

When you have created your thesis topic on the platform, it is sent to Excelerate team for approval. When your thesis topic is approved, it is published and then becomes visible to all companies on the platform. Also, the Excelerate team contacts all the companies who seek thesis topics similar to yours to help match you with a company.

Companies on the platform can also find and read your thesis topic themselves. If they find your thesis topic a match, the company will send you an interview request via the platform.

It is now up to you to decide whether it is a company you wish to collaborate with on your thesis.

What can cause my thesis topic to not be approved?

It varies what causes your thesis topic to not be approved. One reason can be because you have listed several members as part of the thesis topic, but only have one person connected to the thesis topic. A second reason could be because the content section is too vague and needs a further explanation. However, we try our best to explain what needs editing when we send you feedback after the review. And if something doesn’t make sense, don’t hesitate to send us an email!