The End of the Spring 2021 Semester

The end of the spring 2021 semester is finally here! What a turbulent semester it has been due to virtual teaching and social distancing. Many will continue their studies during fall, others have become graduate looking for jobs. Let’s look into what you specifically need to consider.

Katrine Lionett Pedersen

In this article, we’ll touch upon how the end of the spring 2021 semester might be looking for you as a graduate looking for a job, or as a university student continuing your studies.

18 months have passed living with COVID-19, and wow, what a time to be alive! Think about it, you’ve made it this far, the end of the spring 2021 semester, dear university students. You’ve taken part in one of the most surreal time periods of all time in terms of pandemics. Although we’re not completely through and some countries still suffer a lot from the pandemic, Denmark currently seems to be doing quite well at the moment. Let’s hope it lasts for the fall 2021 semester. But first, let’s wrap up the spring 2021 semester!

Being a Student during a Pandemic

It has not been easy being a student during this pandemic with almost all teaching being conducted virtually. Moreover, not being able to see your friends as much, including having a lot of time on your own has been difficult. Your ability to adapt to changes must have been challenged too. As a person, as well as a student.

Getting ready for virtual teaching
Getting ready for virtual teaching. Photo by Fausto Bottini.

At the beginning of May, during Mental Health Week, we made a blog post about mental health among students. Emphasizing how many university students have suffered from loneliness, anxiety, and lack of motivation due to COVID-19. But hey, you’ve made it this far! Universities are trying their very best to get teaching and school activities back to normal, in particular for the upcoming fall 2021 semester for many bachelor’s and master’s students.

Although we, and the universities, cannot fully promise a full opening as of a pre-COVID-19 time, it seems like brighter times are ahead of us and that you can finally come back to your university with fewer restrictions. However, prepare for changes! COVID-19 is not just gonna disappear from one day to another, so it’s good to be ready to embrace changes. 

Becoming a Graduate Looking for a Job

If you’re one of the 40,000 university students who are about to join the labor market after finishing your master’s degree or the like, there are a few things to take into account. Firstly, you’re done, a big salute to that!

And now, what comes next? Either you’ve already landed your first job as a graduate, congrats! Or you haven’t yet, and you’re searching for a job as a graduate. We previously stated how the COVID-19 landscape may affect your future as a master’s graduate – which you might consider now. In connection with that, DM Akademikerbladet found an analysis from Danmarks Statistik which stated that many graduates who were out of a job for more than three months after graduation, do to a higher extent take jobs they’re overqualified for or take jobs that require commuting or moving. 

Meaning that for those graduates where the job hunt turns out to be quite a hurdle, you might be obliged to move to another city or commute a little longer than what you first expected when looking for a job in the first place. When taking a longer further education you’ve specialized within a certain field. As a result, the right jobs for you as a graduate might be found in other cities or provinces than where you live now. In particular, for those who have a very narrow specialized field of work. This is good to be prepared for and to keep in mind.

Speaking of being ready to embrace changes… gosh.

Solutions for Job Seekers

One good thing to reflect upon besides considering the above-mentioned is to join a labor union as a job seeker newly hatched graduate. Join one that fits your profile and field of work because the labor union will help you on your job hunt. Also, many labor unions offer workshops, activities, careers fairs, and the like which will help you land your first job as a graduate.

Moreover, if you feel like the job hunt is haunting you, remember that a lot of other graduates are suffering from the same issue. You not having a job, as a graduate, is not necessarily tied to your personality or lack of skills but might be connected to the labor market and their hiring processes. Including the fact that there is still a minor (read: big and influential) pandemic, which makes everything a bit more complicated.

Getting the first job interview as a graduate
Job interview. Photo by Fausto Bottini.

Furthermore, you might consider taking an internship in a company because that might lead to a job at the end of it. Attend career fairs and get some inspiration! Look into what you specifically can do to improve your CV, improve your talking skills, and ways of presenting yourself to land that dream job of yours.

Very often, when appearing confident at job interviews you can make your potential employer believe that you’re really good at what you’re doing. Despite not having a lot of experience yet. Fake it till you make it! Focus on what you’re good at as a person and emphasize how excited you’re to work and get things into practice. Frequently, companies are hiring because of the person’s spirit and willing-to-learn mindset. Not necessarily based on your experience, although many do. Focus on your current skills, abilities, and what you can offer. 

Continuing being a University Student

If you’re not a bachelor, candidate, or master graduate yet but got to the end of the spring 2021 semester and will continue your studies after the summer, take a deep breath.

The last three semesters have been very turbulent and you’re great to have survived this far as a university student. Although you may not have been the best version of yourself personality and school-wise, it’s amazing that you’re where you’re now. Enjoy the summer, do whatever you feel like, spend time with your friends, and set aside time for yourself to process how this year has been for you. Post stress is a thing and it’s important to acknowledge that this year has been tough in so many ways. 

Hopefully, you’ll spend a lot more time at your university for the fall 2021 semester either as a CBS student, KU student, ITU student, or the like. However, it’s more important than ever to secure your future as a university student. Obviously, you ought to enjoy your study time while it lasts. However, there are a few things you can consider during the summer because you might have extra time on your hands.

Tips for Bachelor, Candidate, and Master Students

Firstly, we encourage you to sign up on Excelerate so you can increase your chances of getting a job as a graduate after a thesis collaboration. While you may not write your bachelor, candidate, or master thesis in the very near future, it’s good to know that you have the option of using Excelerate when the time comes. However, if you’re going to write your thesis during fall 2021 or spring 2022, please sign up, it’s free for students. It will enable you, if there is a fit, with a thesis collaboration with a company that might increase your job opportunities as a graduate.

Getting the first job interview as a graduate
Students. Photo by Fausto Bottini.

Furthermore, remember to join an A-kasse! If you don’t do that a year before graduating you’ll not be able to receive unemployment benefit (dagpenge), in case you don’t land a job just after graduation. An A-kasse can also help you on your job hunt. As a matter of fact, you can as a student, also join a labor union, which will enable you with the same opportunities as when joining as a graduate looking for a job. 

Let’s not forget that the summer is also about relaxing and having a great time. Recharge your batteries so you’re ready to pitch into the fall 2021 semester. Again, hurray you got to the end of the spring 2021 semester! Enjoy the summer, students and graduates.