Find a thesis collaboration with a company as a CBS student

On Excelerate you can find a thesis collaboration with a company for your CBS Master or Bachelor for free.

All you need to do is sign up for the Excelerate platform and upload your CBS thesis topic. You will then be contacted by companies interested in your topic.

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Why you should write your CBS thesis with a company

Regardless of which CBS program you are currently studying, there are advantages to a thesis collaboration. You will be introduced to relevant companies in your preferred industry. Whether you are studying a marketing, finance or communication-oriented line, or whether you are in the process of your bachelor’ s, master’s or candidate’s degree.

You will work closely with the company up to several times a week during the months you write your thesis. It gives you access to data that would normally be inaccessible, while at the same time you gain relationships with the employees – who knows, they may become your future colleagues.

With a CBS thesis collaboration through Excelerate, you can collaborate with companies such as Kyndryl, Topsoe, E-net, the Ministry of Transport and many more. You choose the topic you would like to write about, and then in collaboration with the company, you align expectations so that the thesis best suits your needs.

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Get inspiration for good topics for your CBS thesis

CBS students discussing a thesis collaboration

Finding the right topic for your thesis, whether it is for your master, candidate or bachelor, can be difficult. The challenge is finding the right balance between not choosing a too broad and imprecise topic or a too narrow and specific topic.

Whether you are considering a future career in finance, marketing and communication, HR, international business, or branding, you can use Excelerate for inspiration. Explore all of our bachelor and master thesis topics in business and economics, finance and accounting thesis topics, or management and leadership thesis topics.

To help you find inspiration for your CBS thesis, see all our research topics.

CBS thesis topics for your Master’s or Bachelor’s

Increase your chances of jobs after studying as a CBS student

As students, we know it can be a challenge to get in touch with companies, whether it is applying for a student job or seeking a thesis collaboration. Excelerate solves this challenge. We help you get in touch with relevant companies – completely free.

Did you know that companies at Excelerate are not just interested in thesis collaboration? Many companies are looking for students to hire after graduation. In fact, a study from the Danish Industry shows that the majority of companies end up hiring employees they previously collaborated with when they were students. It can be anything from a project-oriented course, a student job or a thesis collaboration with the company.

The relationship with a company before you graduate contributes to a more smooth transition from student life to business life – so you avoid being employed in positions for which you are overqualified. Strengthen your career even before you graduate. Sign up at Excelerate FOR FREE. Maybe your bachelor or thesis collaboration will lead to your dream job.

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FAQ – CBS thesis collaboration and thesis writing

Find frequently asked questions and answers below about CBS thesis formalities and CBS thesis collaborations or reach out to us at:

Can all CBS students use Excelerate?

Excelerate is 100% free for all CBS students – both on a bachelor’s and master’s level.

Whether you study a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Economics or a Master’s degree in Strategic Design and Entrepreneurship, Excelerate is for you.

What are the CBS thesis formalities?

Find CBS thesis formalities by searching for your specific study programme on the CBS course catalog database.

On your Bachelor’s or Master’s course catalog, you can read about specific formalities such as max pages and characters, hand-in date, content formalities, and other relevant information about your thesis project formalities.

When is the CBS thesis defense date?

In the spring semester, the oral CBS thesis defense takes place from around the 17th of May to the 30th of June. This can vary, so always check when your oral defense takes place at and/or contact your thesis supervisor.

When is the thesis hand-in date at CBS?

The CBS thesis hand-in date is found on CBS Digital Exam and is between the 1st to 15th of May (Spring semester). Always double-check on CBS Digital Exam or contact your thesis supervisor as the date can vary.

What is a standard page at CBS?

A standard page at CBS is 2,275 characters incl. space. The front page, author statement, bibliography, and appendices are not included in the character count. For further information, see CBS’ course catalog database for your course.

What counts as keystrokes at CBS?

Characters and spaces are included in the number of strokes. The author statement, bibliography,
front page, and any appendices are not included in the keystrokes count. For further information, see CBS’ course catalog database for your course.

How many pages is a thesis at CBS?

The length of a CBS thesis is:
1 student: Max. 80 pages
2 students: Max. 120 pages
3 students: Max. 160 pages

You can find CBS thesis formalities in the CBS course catalog database for your specific study programme.