We are partnering with Student Survival Guide!

We are partnering with Student Survival Guide! We are so excited to get to work with SSG and to create cool content together. So, who are Student Survival Guide – and why are they cool to know about?

Karoline Denning

Who are Student Survival Guide?

Student Survival Guide is an educational platform, whose goal is to provide all international students coming to Denmark as easy a start to their life as possible! They provide easy to understand and practical information about how to find accommodation, SU and student jobs, taxes and tips and tricks about saving money.

SSG educate the international community about the basics of finances, personal development and community involvement to the new students in Denmark.

Key pillars of project:




Their mission: To help all incoming international students to freely and easily access information that will help them settle in their new life, in an unknown country.

The Team behind Student Survival Guide
The Team behind Student Survival Guide

Student Survival Guide decided to pool all information about life in a foreign country into one place and share the information in an engaging and memorable way. They are daily engaging with new students, answering their questions and making sure they are settling in a new country as fast as possible. SSG are present on several platforms including their website, where you can find blog posts, their Youtube channel and social media, such as Facebook and Instagram. Lastly, they do physical events on topics such as personal finance and more to come soon.

Provide all students around the world with a one stop platform, where they can receive the latest and most accurate information about studies in other countries.


Student Survival Guide
Student Survival Guide

What makes Student Survival Guide unique?

Regular programmes only have a limited reach due to physical constraints such as fares, school opening days etc. They are able to help 10, 50 or maximum 100 people per session (usually once a semester). Others reach < 100 people per month. SSG reach 5.000+ students every month, most of which are new students in the country. They are able to communicate with thousands of people at once through multiple channels.

Pretty cool, right? We are super thrilled to partner with Student Survival Guide – so go check them out!

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