Find a thesis collaboration with a company as an ITU student

As an ITU student, you can find a thesis collaboration completely free of charge – whether it is on your ITU Master or ITU Bachelor.

All you have to do is sign up on the Excelerate platform and fill out your ITU thesis topic for your Master or Bachelor area. Companies interested in your topic will then contact you.

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Benefits of writing your ITU thesis with a company

If you as an ITU student choose to write your thesis with a company through Excelerate, you can collaborate with various companies such as Topsoe, E-nettet, Kyndryl or the Ministry of Transport. You choose the topic you want to write about and then work with the company to coordinate expectations so that the thesis best suits your needs.

It does not matter which study you study at ITU, as all academic levels are welcome. So if you are doing with your master’s in digital innovation & management or about to write your bachelor’s in software development, a thesis collaboration can have advantages for you.

During the months when you write your thesis, you will get to work closely with the company several times a week. In addition, a thesis collaboration gives you access to data from the company that is not normally available. Another advantage of writing your thesis in collaboration with a company is that you get to build relationships with the company’s employees – maybe they will become your future colleagues.

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Get inspiration for good ITU thesis topics

ITU students discussing a thesis collaboration

Finding the right topic for your ITU thesis or bachelor’s project can be a challenging endeavor. The challenge is to find a topic that is not too narrow but at the same time not too broad.

To help you find the right thesis topic, search for inspiration among ITU bachelor and master thesis topics on information technology and computer science, IT management & leadership thesis topics, or even entrepreneurship and innovation thesis topics.

Find more thesis topics to find inspiration for your ITU thesis project below.

Good ITU Master’s and Bachelor’s thesis topics

Increase your job opportunities after graduation as an ITU student

As an ITU student, your professional network can be limited, which unfortunately can also make it challenging to find and land your dream job after studying. We, Excelerate, solve this challenge as you have the opportunity to kick-start your career with a thesis collaboration. We help you get in touch with interesting companies.

In addition, the companies on the Excelerate platform are not only interested in thesis collaborations. Many companies are also looking for students they can hire after graduation. In fact, a study from Dansk Industri shows that most companies end up hiring people they have previously worked with. It can be in connection with a project-oriented course, student work or a thesis collaboration.

Creating relationships with companies before you graduate can help make the transition from student life to working life easier. Additionally, this can help you avoid being hired for positions that you may be overqualified for. Join Excelerate for FREE and improve your career even before you graduate. Who knows, maybe a thesis collaboration can lead to the dream job.

Read our guide on how to get hired after your thesis collaboration.

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FAQ – ITU thesis collaboration and thesis writing

Find frequently asked questions and answers below about ITU thesis collaborations and thesis writing formalities or reach out to us at:

Can all ITU students find a thesis collaboration through Excelerate?

Yes! All ITU students can use Excelerate – completely free of charge. Regardless of whether you study a bachelor’s, master’s or Ph.D. degree at the IT University of Copenhagen.

When do you hand in your thesis at ITU?

Depending on whether you hand in your thesis in the spring or autumn, the dates change. As a starting point, there are han in dates the 2nd of January and the 1st of June. But we encourage you to stay updated on the dates on the ITU’s website.

When do you hand in the bachelor at ITU?

The submission date for the bachelor’s project is usually on the 15th of May or the 15th of December, depending on whether you attend the spring or autumn semester. However, you should stay updated on the ITU website in case of changes.

When is the oral thesis defence at ITU?

The oral exam will be held within four weeks of the written submission. LearnIT will be updated with the time and place of your oral exam.

What is a standard page at ITU?

A standard page at ITU is 2400 characters incl. space.