Find a thesis collaboration with a company as a KU student

On Excelerate KU students can find a thesis collaboration with a relevant company for your Bachelor or Master completely free of charge.

All you have to do is register and upload your KU thesis or bachelor topic on the Excelerate platform. Then companies that are interested in your topic can contact you.

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Advantages of writing your KU thesis in collaboration with a company

If you choose to write your thesis in collaboration with a company, you will be introduced through the Excelerate platform to relevant companies in your preferred industry, such as E-netnett, the Ministry of Transport, Topsoe, Kyndryl and more.

You choose the topic you would like to write about, after which you coordinate expectations in collaboration with the company so that the thesis best suits your needs. Regardless of which KU university degree or line you are currently studying, there are advantages to a thesis, bachelor or project collaboration.

If you land a thesis collaboration, you will work closely with the company several times a week during the months you have to write your thesis. It will give you access to normally inaccessible data, while you simultaneously build relationships with the employees – who knows, they may become your future colleagues.

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Find inspiration for topics for your KU thesis

KU students discussing a thesis collaboration

It can be difficult to find the right topic for your thesis, regardless of whether it is a thesis or a bachelor’s project. The challenge is to find the balance between not choosing a topic that is too broad and vague but neither too narrow and specific.

If you are searching for thesis inspiration, use Excelerate to find thesis topics in law, computer science & IT thesis topics, psychology thesis topics, biology thesis topics, sociology thesis topics, or topics in many other research areas.

Find an overview of all our thesis topics for a KU Bachelor or Master student below.

KU thesis topics for Master & Bachelor

Increase your job chances as a KU student through a thesis collaboration

Creating a relationship with companies before you graduate, for example through a thesis collaboration, can help to make your transition from student life to business life more smooth.

A study from Danish Industry actually shows that the majority of companies end up hiring employees they previously worked with when they were students. The companies on the Excelerate platform are not only interested in thesis collaborations, but also looking for students they can employ after graduation.

You can strengthen your career even before you graduate by writing your thesis in collaboration with a company. As a KU student, it is completely free to register for Excelerate. Your bachelor’s, thesis or project collaboration may lead to your dream job.

Read our tips on how to get hired through a company thesis collaboration.

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FAQ – KU thesis collaborations and thesis writing

Find frequently asked questions and answers below about KU thesis collaborations and thesis writing formalities for KU Bachelor’s and Master’s students. Didn’t find your answer? Reach out to us at:

Can all KU students use Excelerate to find thesis collaborations?

Yes! All KU Bachelor’s and Master’s students can use Excelerate free of charge to find a thesis collaboration.

What does a thesis company expect in a KU bachelor or master thesis collaboration?

It may vary from company to company what they expect from KU students in project collaborations.

Make sure to coordinate and align expectations with the thesis company from the start, so you have a solid framework for the collaboration in place before you start to collaborate.

How many pages is a KU thesis project?

The max number of pages for your KU thesis depends on your study degree and the number of people in your thesis group.

Here is an overview of the standard number of pages for a KU thesis:
1 student: Max. 60 pages
2 students: Max. 90 pages
3+ students: Max. 120 pages

Pages may vary depending on your study degree. Find the number of pages for your thesis for your study degree at

What is a standard page at KU?

As a starting point, a standard page at KU is 2,400 characters incl. space. However, we encourage you to check your study plan in case of deviations.

Where do I find thesis deadlines at KU?

You will find dates to various deadline at Here you go under ‘MSc in…’ then ‘Master’s thesis and other projects’. Here you can find ‘Overview of your thesis process’. All the important deadlines that are relevant to your thesis appear here.

What are the formal requirements for the KU thesis?

The formal requirements depend on which degree program you are studying and can be found at You will find the formal requirements under ‘Candidate in…’ then ‘Thesis and other projects’. Below you will find ‘Formal requirements for the theses’.