Fausto – The Visual and Graphic Designer at Excelerate

Fausto does not leave his home without his camera, nor his mate, his true companions. Get to know the visual and graphic designer at Excelerate, who originates from Argentina.

Katrine Lionett Pedersen

You can’t have missed the enchanting graphics and visuals appearing at both Excelerate’s Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and let’s not forget the almighty blog. It’s our visual and graphic designer, Fausto, who is in charge of it all. Let’s give him a well-deserving applause before we even get started. That man has a very good eye for aesthetics and astonishing looking visuals, which we are him forever grateful for.

Back in August 2020, Fausto started out as a content creator intern at Excelerate. Since March 2021, he has worked part time at Excelerate where he all along has been responsible for the visual design and identity of our company. Moreover, he also manages Excelerate’s Instagram account. All of it, to ensure visually striking content on all of Excelerate’s channels. But there is so much more to the Argentinian guy than just that.  


Name: Fausto Bottini

Age: 25

Position in Excelerate: Content Creator (Visual and Graphic Designer)

Origin: Campana, Argentina

Educational background:

2013: High School at Colegio Padre Anibal María di Francia

Auto didactic within several spheres

Creative to the Bone

When you at first glance at Fausto, he looks incredibly cool and well-balanced. You can in some way sense that he is a guy, who is creative.

In addition, his true companion is a cup of mate, which he always enjoys while working. Mate is a South American kind of tea, which you drink from a metal straw. If in doubt, you can spot the mate to your left. And as a true cliché, Fausto fancies Argentinian red wine combined with cheese when it’s weekend. Or when there is an occasion. But let’s be real, you can always find an occasion for red wine and cheese.

Nevertheless, Fausto has worked hard to get where he is today.

He has more than 10 years of experience within his field of work, photography. But that is far from what he also masters. In Campana, Argentina, where Fausto is originally from, he also worked as a social media manager. Moreover, he had his own bookbinder studio as well. Creative projects have always been a great part of Fausto’s life and it all began when he was 5 years old when his beloved, and admired, granddad bought him a camera. Ever since Fausto has been playing around with a camera and later on made a living out of it. 

However, Fausto also enjoys painting, drawing… and you name it. I’m praising him to the skies and if you think I’m being too biased as a colleague and friend, you can check his work out here. Yes, I was not exaggerating. Don’t hesitate to reach out to him if you’re ever in need of getting pictures taken. He’s always up for a new challenge.

A Self-learner

Our creative soul already started working at the age of 14, on the weekends, as a wedding photographer assistant in Argentina. As he finished high school in 2013, he started working as a freelance photographer. The visual and graphic designer at Excelerate also took a course in social media administration at the University of Buenos Aires. Over the years, Fausto also participated in different kinds of workshops here and there.

“I was mostly a self-learner and did a lot of research on my own, on topics that interested me. 95% of my overall learning comes from self-learning.”

Fausto Bottini

In his career as a freelance photographer, Fausto got to work with a lot of different clients in both fashion and gastronomy. However, what Fausto is the most passionate about as a photographer, are portraits. For future prospects, he would really like to work in fashion and cosmetics, since these two sectors give him the opportunity to work with people as motives. Portraits fascinate him because he thinks the process of creating them is amazing.

Moreover, Fausto is an energetic guy, who does everything in order to chase his passions and his career dreams.

From Campana to Copenhagen

Fausto moved to Copenhagen in August 2020 to further expand his artistic opportunities and do what he truly enjoys.

But before moving to Copenhagen, Fausto found the intern posting, which Kaspar, the Founder and CEO of Excelerate, had posted online. He figured that the intern position might be a good start for him in a foreign country.

The intern interviews were conducted virtually before Fausto came to Copenhagen. Kaspar was amazed by Fausto’s photographic portfolio and he undoubtedly figured that he was the right candidate for Excelerate. For that, Fausto is truly grateful, so he could get a “foot in the door” within his work sphere. However, it took him several cancelled flights to even arrive in Denmark. Perks of traveling in the middle of a pandemic. Even so, he eventually got here, whatever it took.

Besides being the visual and graphic designer at Excelerate, Fausto also works as a freelance photographer here in Copenhagen. He is currently dreaming of studying at KEA, so he can get some more theoretical knowledge he can use in his work.

Nevertheless, the most important assets Fausto keeps are his experience and his camera, which have taken him to a lot of different places.

Working at Excelerate

Being a person, who has been chasing dreams and passions, Excelerate seemed like the right place for Fausto. Hence, it is very easy for him to sympathize with the mission of Excelerate; “We believe passionate academics are the future”. He considers Excelerate to be a good opportunity for university students to work with something they are passionate about via thesis collaboration with companies:

“I really like Excelerate’s approach, and that students can choose for themselves what they want to write about in their thesis, and really use their passion to build their future.”

Fausto Bottini
Fausto Bottini, Visual and Graphic Designer at Excelerate
Photo by Katrine Pedersen

At the same time, Fausto really likes being a part of Excelerate. He describes the work environment as nice and friendly, yet a place where he is being challenged in his work:

“I have the freedom to speak and share my opinion on different matters. I also get a lot of challenging work and feedback, which is something I value a lot so I can improve all the time, and keep pushing myself for the better.”

Fausto Bottini

The work environment described at Excelerate also reflects what Excelerate aims for with its digital platform; challenging work and feedback through thesis collaborations. Fausto contributes to making Excelerate a strong competitive brand while building a cool image for our startup, simultaneously. This is due to the longstanding and unique kind of work experience that he has acquired over the years.

Get to know Fausto, the visual and graphic designer at Excelerate:

Describe yourself in 3 words: “Artistic, traveller, and nostalgic.”

Fun fact: “My skin is super flexible, so I can stretch it a lot, haha.”

3 things to bring on a deserted island: “A lighter, solar charger, and an iPhone.”

Favorite dish: “A margarita pizza. If the pizza is properly made, there is no need for toppings.”

The most used app or website during a day: “Instagram.”

Role model: “My granddad. He is 80, but is the most open-minded person I know. He has had such a rough life, yet he is still hard working, passionate, and truly amazing. I can talk to him about everything.”