Write you AAU thesis project with a company

AAU students can find company collaborations on Excelerate for free. Whether you’re writing your bachelor project, your master thesis, or another semester project.

Upload your research topic to the Excelerate-platform. Companies who are intersted in your project will contact you for a project collaboration.

Read more about how a thesis company collaboration through Excelerate works.

Advantages of a AAU thesis collaboration with a company

There are several advantages to an AAU thesis collaboration with a company. Amongst those are a broader professional network, access to resources, and insight into the company and the industry.

A broader network is achieved through the close cooperation you have with the company throughout the thesis period. You connect with professionals within the industry, you wish to work in.

This way you have connections with employees that potentially can help you get hired after you graduate.

Access to resources is often a hassle for students. With a thesis collaboration, access to interviews with employees and access to data becomes easier because are working on your thesis at the company’s location.

You can also get guidance from the employees who deal with the company’s challenges on a daily basis.

Many companies offer, as part of the collaboration, an on-site office spot for the student. By sitting in the office a few days a week, having lunch with the employees, and experiencing everyday life in the organisation, you gain a deeper insight into the company and culture.

This can be valuable for your thesis and give you useful knowledge about whether you can imagine working in the organisation.

Find topics for your AAU thesis on Excelerate

It can be difficult to decide what your thesis should be about. Use Excelerate to get inspired. We have a number of topics within different research areas by other AAU students:

Click below to find all AAU thesis topics and projects created by students on Excelerate.

AAU thesis topics
AAU students writing their thesis project together

How to find an AAU thesis collaboration

Getting started with your AAU thesis collaboration can be confusing. Where do you start? Who do you contact?

Create your thesis topic and fill out your student profile on Excelerate. If you’re still in doubt about what your thesis project should be about, you can find inspiration for your thesis topic on our inspiration site.

Get matched with a company. The company contacts you based on your thesis topic. You will be notified if a company wants to hear more.

Start the collaboration. If both you and the company experience good chemistry and have the same goals, then there is nothing to do but begin the collaboration and write your project.

If you want to know more about, what companies are looking for in a project collaboration, and how it can result in a job, you can read more about our tips to land a full-time job through a company collaboration.

AAU students collaborating with a company on their thesis

FAQ – AAU project collaboration through Excelerate

Find often asked questions about AAU thesis collaborations through Excelerate. Didn’t find what you looked for? Write to us: info@excelerate.dk.

Can all AAU students use Excelerate?

Yes! Excelerate is free for all studens at Aalborg University – no matter what AAU education you’re enrolled to.

How does an AAU project collaboration work through Excelerate?

Upload your thesis topic on Excelerate. We match you with relevant companies within your research area and the industry you want to work in.

You are contacted by companies with project collaboration offers directly through Excelerate.

How do I find the AAU project database?

Aalborg University has a project database where digital versions of AAU thesis projects are available. Here you can find AAU Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD projects. Go to the AAU project database.

Find more AAU Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis projects at the Excelerate AAU project database.