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Land your first job through a DTU thesis project collaboration

Want to increase your chances of landing your first job after you graduate on DTU? Excelerate gives you the opportunity to kickstart your career through a thesis collaboration in your industry. Collaborating with a relevant and interesting company is a great way to land your first job.

Did you know that most companies end up hiring graduates in entry-level jobs if the company have worked with the student before? The best way to do so is through a thesis collaboration, a student job or a project-oriented internship.

Use Excelerate to take a leap into the professional world and kickstart your career in a company that is actually relevant to your interests and personality. A great way to avoid being hired for positions that you do not like or fit into or maybe even are overqualified for.

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Find topics for your DTU thesis on Excelerate

DTU students writing their thesis with a company

It can be difficult to find the right topic for your thesis whether it is for your DTU master’s or bachelor’s project. You are probably trying to find the perfect balance. Meaning your topic is not too general and imprecise but still not too narrow and specific which can limit your project.

Use Excelerate to find inspiration and good examples of bachelor and master thesis topics created by DTU students. We have topics in DTU research areas such as:

  • Software Engineering
  • Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • IT engineering
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Design and Innovation
  • Business Analytics
  • Earth and Space Physics
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Technology Entrepreneurship
  • And much more…

Find engineering and technlogy thesis topics, sustainability and environment thesis topics, information technology and computer science thesis topics, or click below to find all thesis topics relevant to DTU students on Excelerate.

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Advantages of writing your DTU bachelor or master project with a company

There are many advantages to a thesis collaboration through Excelerate.

When using Excelerate to find a collaboration, you will be introduced to relevant companies in the research area and industries that interests you. A great way to get to know the industry landscape and understand your career opportunities.

On Excelerate, it is you who decides what the focus of your thesis should be. Not the thesis company. Company on Excelerate contact you based on your topic, interests, and unique student profile.

Make sure to adjust and align your thesis project collaboration so it suits both your and the company interests and needs.

By writing your DTU thesis in collaboration with a company, you can get access to data that would otherwise be inaccessible. A great opportunity to get deeper insights in the company and get to know the company better.

As part of the collaboration, many companies also gives you access to a on-site office spot. Meaning that you can write your thesis a few days a week at the company while getting professional sparring and guidance.

A great opportunity and way you get useful insight about the company for you project, but also a way to decide if you could imagine yourself working at the company.

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FAQ – DTU thesis collaborations through Excelerate

Find frequently asked questions and answers below about DTU thesis collaborations through Excelerate. Didn’t find your answer? Reach out to us at:

Can all DTU students use Excelerate?

Excelerate is open and free to use for all DTU students and DTU study programmes.

Whether you study a Bachelor’s degree in Geophysics and Space Technology or a Master’s degree in Biotechnology, Excelerate is for you.

How do I sign up on Excelerate as a DTU student?

You can sign up as a DTU student here. Excelerate is 100% free to use for all DTU students.

How does a DTU project collaboration work through Excelerate?

Upload your DTU thesis topic / thesis project proposal to Excelerate. We match you with relevant companies in your research area and industry. Companies will contact you directly through Excelerate if they find your thesis project interesting and want to collaborate with you.