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  • Technical University of Denmark
  • Master of Science
  • Spring 2024
Technical University of Denmark


Polymer Processing

Biomedical Materials and devices

Injection Molding



Medical technology

pharmaceutical industry



adhesive and packaging industry

Experimental and numerical study of polymer processing

Polymer processing within nowadays application including biomedical devices

I am looking for a master thesis within the field of polymer processing where I can do experimental and numerical analysis of polymeric products and their associated processes to optimize the part quality. The processes could be for instance injection moulding, selective laser sintering additive manufacturing, extrusion, calendering, etc.  Mechanical testing of the materials is also of my interest. My main interest is in biomedical applications....

1 x MSc in Engineering (Applied Chemistry)

  • Technical University of Denmark
  • Candidate
  • Spring 2022
Technical University of Denmark




Medical sector



Polymers for Biotechnology applications

Project focusing on polymers used in medical devices or drug delivery/formulation

I am looking for a company-based master thesis project within the field of polymers used in biotech or pharmaceutical industry. My idea would be to work with bioactive, biodegradable and biocompatible polymers used for drug delivery, drug formulation, or production of medical devices....

1 x Engineering (Applied Chemistry)

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