Vera – The Marketing Manager at Excelerate

Get to know the first “outsider”, who officially joined Excelerate. The Marketing Specialist of Excelerate, Vera, who is fond of structure, ramen and professional development.

Katrine Lionett Pedersen

Next up in introducing the team behind Excelerate, we have Vera. She is THE Marketing Manager at Excelerate, which gives her a lot of different tasks on her plate. Besides being the queen of structuring and color coding at Excelerate, Vera is overall responsible for strengthening the image of Excelerate. She has been involved in various kinds of marketing tasks during her time at Excelerate. The chapter which began in August 2020.

Vera is a compassionate woman, who origins from Slovakia but has lived in Denmark for several years. She’s crazy about ramen and traveling, and the last mentioned is what got her to Denmark in the first place.

The Danish Dream

If we turn back the clock, Vera finished her high school aged 19, in Slovakia. She had a huge interest in English and globalization and for that reason Vera searched for opportunities to study abroad.

Vera used an agency to help her with that, when she fell over Denmark. The happiest country in the world. Or at least that’s what others say about the liquorice eating country. Nevertheless, she considered going the more humanitarian way because of her interest in history studies. But UCN’s Profession Degree in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management caught her attention and she applied for the program.

Name: Vera Liscinska 

Age: 27

Position in Excelerate: Marketing Manager

Origin: Prešov, Slovakia

Educational background:

2014: Academy Profession Degree in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management at University College of Northern Denmark (UCN)

2016: Professional Bachelor Degree in International Sales and Marketing at University College of Northern Denmark (UCN)

2018: Master’s Degree in Culture, Communication and Globalization – Chinese Area Studies at Aalborg University (AAU)

As Vera started her living and education in Denmark, she slowly found out what her academic interests were. She went the marketing and communications way. Also, she figured that she wanted to explore her interest in East Asian cultures. Therefore, she actually went for exchange in both South Korea and China through her studies in Northern Denmark.

“I was always fascinated by East Asian cultures. And through my exchange experiences in East Asia, I found out that everything there was super different from Europe. In my experience, the world is super European centralized, and East Asia distinguishes itself from that on all parameters possible. The values, food, the structures, the way of doing things, manners, and so on.”

Vera Liscinska

You bet that Vera explored and tasted several kinds of ramen while studying abroad. Maybe that was a huge motivation for going?

Vera Liscinska - The Marketing Manager at Excelerate
Vera Liscinska – The Marketing Manager at Excelerate. Photo by Fausto Bottini

Getting to Know Vera

Through her time as a student, and as a graduate, Vera worked in several jobs in communications, marketing, digital marketing, and copywriting. Although Vera is very competent in marketing already, she wants to improve every day and become better at what she is doing.

She is certain that she can learn more within her field, mentioning the various new tools and numbers one can use and track data with to improve marketing efforts.

Besides having an interest in marketing, Vera is also strongly passionate about empowering women. She points out that Denmark has gone far in this process, but there are still some areas where women are not held to the same standards as men. Hence, our marketing specialist is not afraid to pay a tribute to talented women, who are very good at what they are doing. Which we, for the record aren’t afraid to either.

On that note, Vera is also very concerned with the climate. She tries to implement as many sustainable initiatives in her everyday living as possible. Hurray for Vera!

Joining Excelerate

But how did Vera end up in Excelerate? Before Excelerate, Vera worked as a social media manager at TechBBQ.

This is where Kaspar and Excelerate came into the picture. Kaspar, the CEO and founder of Excelerate, found Vera through LinkedIn and was amazed by her profile and work. He contacted her, and after a few interviews, Vera was officially a part of Excelerate. The first “outsider” who came into the company to help students and companies get matched for thesis collaboration.

“I was so happy and lucky that Kaspar reached out for me during these times of uncertainty with COVID-19. I have brought a lot of structure into Excelerate, and is working hard to increase the awareness of Excelerate on social media. I really like to be a part of a start-up where you can leave your mark on different matters.”

Vera Liscinska

The good old “when one door closes, another one opens” was surely in play here. To Vera, it’s fascinating to see how her work in Excelerate improves the awareness of Excelerate, simultaneously. She’s great at setting new goals and getting things done. One you can truly count on.

The Student Life in Retrospect

During her time as a university student, Vera has been writing a final paper on her professional bachelor, and a master thesis, alone. Although they turned out well, she would probably have changed the process if she was to write the thesis today.

“I would definitely have chosen to write my thesis with somebody, because I really like to exchange ideas and discuss issues with someone besides myself. I did not cooperate with a company, like as a collaboration, but it would have been interesting to do today.”

Vera Liscinska

As a former student, she also supports what Excelerate stands for, which is why it was so easy for her to agree to this job. She knows how important it is to improve and to write a thesis about something you are passionate about. Moreover, our marketing specialist truly likes that Excelerate can increase your career opportunities as a graduate. Vera has realized how not having a job can challenge your belief in yourself.

Vera Liscinska - The Marketing Manager at Excelerate.
Photo by Fausto Bottini

Get to know Vera a little bit better:

Describe yourself in 3 words: “Bookworm, explorer, and curious.”

Fun fact:When I was about 4-5 years old I went to a market place where people were presenting traditional crafts, and I saw a man making pottery on a traditional wheel. For a long time, when people asked me what I wanted to be I said pottery maker. Well, now I am in marketing.”

3 things to bring on a deserted island: “Kindle, blanket, and sunglasses.”

Favorite dish: “Ramen & veggie burgers.”

The most used app during the day: “LinkedIn.”

Role model: My little sister. She is so talented, and she is so good at doing things immediately without postponing. Also, she speaks 5 languages – so cool.”