How to sign up on Excelerate for students

As a university student, you can gain valuable experience and skills by collaborating on a project with a relevant company, increasing your chances to be hired after graduation in no time. Register at Excelerate to ‘pitch’ your thesis topic to dozens of interested companies.

Alisa Pleska

Through a thesis collaboration, university students can pave their way to the desired job ahead of time, avoiding the perennial problem of job seeking. In this blog we elaborate the sign up process so you optimise your chances of landing a thesis collaboration.

As a university student, you can gain valuable experience and skills by collaborating on a Bachelor / Master thesis with a company. Thus, increasing your chances to be hired after graduation in no time. Make the most of your thesis and register at Excelerate to ‘pitch’ your thesis topic to dozens of interested companies.

The sign up process

Excelerate Create your student profile

Firstly, you fill out all necessary information. This entails your name, phone number, university and degree, and when you’re expecting to graduate. All of this info helps us narrow down companies that are relevant for you and your thesis. Now you have a profile. However, we highly recommend that you fill out your description, passion and skills on your profile. This way companies can get a feeling of who you are and better see if you’ll fit in with the company culture. Here’s an example:

Excelerate Create your thesis topic

You start filling out your thesis topic by clicking ‘My Thesis Topic’ on the left hand bar. There are four steps in filling out your thesis topic.

  • Step 1: Content
  • Step 2: Value
  • Step 3: Motivation
  • Step 4: Why us

Balance is key when you fill out your thesis topic. You want to be clear about your topic, your expectations and your interests. However, don’t be so narrow that the companies might not see a possible common ground. Be open to small adjustments.

If you find it difficult to write the optimal thesis topic, you can read more about how to fill out your thesis topic on our blog How to write a good thesis topic for your Master’s. Beyond that, you can find much more thesis inspiration on our site.

If you’re a part of a thesis group, remember to add all members. This way the company can get a better understanding of the types of people they potentially will work with.

Thesis topic inspiration

Excelerate Send to review

Once you have filled out your thesis topic it’s time to send it to review. What do you have to send it to review, you may ask? We want to make sure that you have the highest chance of getting a match. Therefore, we will review and send feedback to your email, so that you have a chance to add and optimize your thesis topic. We also work with companies who expect well thought-out thesis topics they can collaborate with.

We strive to review thesis topics within 48 hours. But if you haven’t heard from us, reach out on our email – also if you have questions.

Excelerate Match with a company

When a company is interested in your thesis topic, they will send you an interview request. It is now up to you if you want to accept or decline the interview request. The interview is meant to be the place where you meet and discuss the terms and conditions with the company. It is not the final collaboration. So, don’t hesitate accepting an interview request from a company that might not be your first choice – you might be surprised.

Excelerate Meet the company

It is now time to meet the company. Depending on what you agreed upon, the meeting can be online or physical. As mentioned above, the meeting is the place where you make sure that both you and the company have the same vision and goal for the collaboration. We recommend you discuss these topics at the meeting:

  • How many hours do you expect the employees to be available during the collaboration? Does it match up with the company’s expectations?
  • Is there data you might not be able to handle, if so, is there a workaround?
  • How many days a week do expect to be at the office or remote?
  • Which types of employees do you have access to?
  • Is there anything about the thesis topic that needs to be tweaked in order to match the company’s and your wishes?

Excelerate Collaborate on your thesis

If both you and the company feel the chemistry, there is nothing left to do than accept the collaboration through Excelerate. Congratulations! You now have a thesis collaboration with a company. Now it’s up to you and the company to make the very best of the collaboration. We wish you the best of luck.

A student at a jobinterview after successful thesis collaboration

This was the complete registration guideline on Excelerate for university students. In case you still have questions regarding the registration or collaboration process, please send us an email: